Know Everything about Orbeez Guns and Gel Blasters

Orbeez guns are a type of toy that shoot soft, colorful gel balls. The balls are made from a particular material called Orbeez. Orbeez guns are also called gel ball blasters or water bead blasters. When submerged in water, the balls, which resemble jellies or candies, expand in size.

Gel and beads blasters are considered best in the summertime, but Orbeez ball guns have the upper hand. These guns are a great way to entertain your children. You can give these to anyone because they are highly safe and non-toxic.

The orbeez are soft and safe for the skin, so they do not hurt when they fall off. You can grab orbeez with your fingers if they are on the ground. One of the best Orbeez gun is MrBeast Nerf Gun.

Orbeez Guns and Gells Balls
Orbeez Guns and water beads

Some say these guns are more fun than traditional toys because they can be used indoors and outdoors; however, this depends on how rough your child is playing with them! Let’s check the detailed information about these guns.

What is Orbeez?

Before starting the description and explaining the working of these guns, we wanted to tell you about Orbeez. These are ammunition that is fired through pellet guns and gel blasters. The Orbeez are small multi-color balls that become large when soaked in water.

Gel beads are formed of sodium hydroxide, water, and acrylic acid and resemble candies. Earlier, they were designed to aid plants in retaining moisture, as they could remove the water from the Orbeez ball after the soil had dried out.

According to recent development they are considered as toys, and use for decorating the home. The “functions” for water beads are a little more varied now than they were initially, because they come in various colors.

How do Orbeez Guns work?

Orbeez Blasters are becoming very popular among children and adults as they shoot colorful water beads. They are very bright and are made of super absorbent polymer that absorbs much more water than their weight.

The small gel balls or water beads are sold in bundles of up to 50,000 microscopic pellets. After that, you must let them soak in water for a while. We always advise soaking them for at least eight hours to allow them to expand fully.

Gel beads and balls will have gotten around the size of a marble when they have finished bathing. A reservoir or tank is present on the top of orbeez blaster sniper. They look at paintball markers.

Fill the gel balls in the tank and then pull the trigger or spring loader to shoot them. Most guns have hose attachment that helps fill the reservoir very fast. Read here if you are looking for powerful orbeez guns.

The gel balls are appropriate for children and adults because they are mild and soft on the skin. They are also biodegradable and environmentally sustainable because they are made of water.

So an Orbeez pistol or gel blaster is the ideal option if you’re searching for a toy that’s entertaining and environmentally responsible. You can also play with blasters on birthday or any other party.

Things to Consider before buying Water Bead Guns and blasters

1- Quality

The first thing that we look at when buying gel blasters guns is their quality.

  • The Filbert Electric Gel Blaster Toy Gun-MP5 is among the most effective choices.
  • This gadget is easy to use and has a tremendous 100 feet firing range.
  • A maintenance kit and magazine are also included. It is inexpensive and suitable for kids of all ages.

Another important factor when choosing guns is their brand. Choose those brands that offer excellent quality in their toys.

2- Durability

  • The next thing is to look at the durability of Orbeez blasters.
  • Durability is the main factor that determines the toy’s performance and its resale value.
  • An object that is not durable will not attract a buyer, and nobody will pay for it.

3- Price

  • Choose a gun that has a reasonable price.
  • Consider all of its features, especially the ones that are dependable and simple to use.
  • As you demand more features, then its worth will go on increasing.

4- Reviews

When buying guns from an online store, people forget to check the reviews of other sellers. Reviews help a lot in selecting the best toy for kids. You must look at them before purchasing so you do not waste money on useless objects.

5- Kids Choice

Kid’s choice matter a lot. Every parent knows their kids very well, and you can surprise them by giving this special gift on their birthday. If your child is younger, then buy a small toy gun or a nerf gun; however, children also love guns with accessories.

Any model will suffice if your children only want to throw stress balls at one another. However, it is more suitable if you pick an Orbeez gun with additional functions if they plan to use it for target practice or competition.

Orbeez Tiktok challenge

It has been trending on Tiktok to challenge each other with Orbeez guns. Most people take orbeez TikTok challenge as fun to play with or aim at someone else passing the road.

But this is a dangerous activity in public places because they can be mistakenly taken as real guns. So, people may come after you.


Overall, we think you should buy Orbeez guns. They seem like fun, and they’re suitable for entertaining kids. The best thing is that they amuse children while improving their hand-eye coordination.

But when having so much fun, it’s easy to forget the safety precautions, but remember safety must be first priority. Always ensure plenty of open floor space and clear out any flammables from your play area.

After all, Orbeez can get a bit messy! There are many colors, designs, and types of these affordable firearms. We highly suggest to use gel balls, if you or your children love having fun splattering things around the house with soft, lightweight balls.


An orbeez gun is a toy that shoots tiny balls of gel, which are about the size of a grain of rice. Orbeez guns are prevalent both in Asia and United States. They come in different colors, sizes and designs, but all feature a trigger that makes them shoot out little balls.

The idea behind these toys is that they’re supposed to be fun for kids to play with while they’re at home or traveling on the go.

The short answer is no. Orbeez guns do not hurt when they hit you because they do not contain any sharp edges on their surface. They’re designed to be safe for children ages three and up, so even though they look like they could hurt someone if they were hit by one, they won’t cause any damage whatsoever.

In addition to being safe for children, this also makes it ideal for adults who want a toy that can withstand rough handling without breaking or injuring them in some way.

Orbeez guns are non-toxic compared to other toy guns like BB guns, laser tag sets, and paintballs. These guns do not contain harmful chemicals and are safe for kids. You can allow your children to play with them under your supervision.

Parents must ensure that they use safety equipment to avoid unintentional harm or damage to their belongings when their kids play with Orbeez guns.

Yes, these Orbeez guns are legal in the USA, but in some states, you need a permit to buy gel bead guns. Because of their safety and non-toxic property, they do not fire darts or projectiles, so there is no legal issue while playing with them.

So, get these great toy guns and have fun with them in the summertime!

It is non-toxic polymer which grows in size when soaked in water and used for playing. These are soft gel balls, that are also fired from gel blasters. These gel balls are safe to play with, even toddlers can play with them.

It is generally not recommended to send Orbeez guns or any other toy that uses water in the mail, as there is a risk of the toy leaking or breaking during transit. If the Orbeez gun were to leak, it could potentially cause damage to other items in the package.

In addition, toy guns are often restricted or banned from being shipped by mail carriers, as they may be perceived as weapons.

If you need to send an Orbeez gun or other toy as a gift, it may be safer to hand-deliver it or to ship it via a private courier service that allows for the transport of water-based items.

Alternatively, you could consider sending the recipient a gift card or other non-tangible gift that they can use to purchase the Orbeez gun themselves.

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