MrBeast Nerf Gun – Nerf Pro Gelfire Review

Are you looking for a powerful and high performance gel blaster for your next nerf battle? Look no further than the MrBeast Nerf Gun Full Auto Blaster. With its sleek design, full-auto firing capability, and Gel Fire technology, this blaster is sure to impress everyone.

Inspired by Mr Beast(Jimmy Donaldson), a popular digital creator with over 216 million subscribers, this blaster appeals to younger generation around the world. But what makes this gel blaster stand out from the rest of the nerf guns? And what are its pros and cons? Read on to find out.

MrBeast Nerf Gun Full Auto


Product Dimensions 14 x 2.6 x 10.5 inches
MaterialPlastic, Foam
Weight2.09 pounds


  • Full auto firing capability
  • High range
  • Powerful blaster
  • Slam Fire


  • Not Reusable gel ammo

Mr Beast Nerf Blaster Features

The MrBeast gel blaster have lots of impressive features that make it a must-have for any nerf battler, whether he is playing in nerf arena or in the backyard. Mr beast gel blaster fps is 120 feet per second and can shoot 10 rounds per second.

Gel Fire technology

One of the key features of the blaster is its Gel Fire technology. This technology uses a special gel ammo that is lighter than traditional gel balls, allowing for improved accuracy and longer shooting distances.

The gel ammo is also reusable, making it a more eco-friendly option for those looking to reduce their waste. This blasters utilize hydrated rounds that burst upon impact, providing a high-performance experience to enhance your competitiveness.

Full Auto Firing Capability

With the ability to fire up to 10 gel rounds per second, the nerf pro gelfire mythic blaster is sure to give you an advantage in any nerf war. The blaster also has a 15-round magazine, so you can keep firing for longer without having to constantly reload.


The design of the Gelfire Auto Blaster is also noteworthy. With its sleek, modern look, it is sure that your friends will impress. The blaster has a sturdy construction and is comfortable to hold, making it easy to use for longer period of time.

Nerf Gelfire Ammo

Nerf Gelfire ammo represents the cutting-edge of foam dart technology, delivering an exciting and dynamic experience for Nerf enthusiasts of all ages.

The Gelfire bullets are crafted with precision and engineered for optimal performance, providing enhanced accuracy, distance, and speed during Nerf battles.

These soft, gel like projectiles boast a unique design that enhances their aerodynamics, ensuring they fly smoothly and hit their targets with impressive precision. Additionally, the Gelfire ammo is safe for indoor and outdoor play, making it ideal for all types of Nerf skirmishes.

With its innovative features and consistent reliability, Nerf Gelfire ammo takes the Nerf gaming experience to the next level, offering endless hours of thrilling, action-packed fun for players young and old alike. A pack of GelFire Rounds includes five thousand dehydrated rounds.

Gelfire Dehydrated Rounds

Simply add water to activate the soft and absorbent polymer gel beads, which fire at high velocity and burst upon hitting a target. No need for clean-up the balls after a nerf war.

Shooting Capacity and Range

Capable of firing up to 10 rounds per second, this blaster features full-auto and semi-auto modes, a high capacity 300-round hopper. 2 Lithium Polymer Rechargeable batteries makes it more powerful and fully automatic blaster.

Package Includes

  • Extendable Stock
  • Removable Barrel Attachment
  • Protective Eyewear
  • USB Type-C Ccable for Battery charging
Nerf Pro Gelfire X MrBeast Full Auto Blaster

Interesting Facts about Mr Beast Orbeez Gun

Here are some fascinating facts about this incredible nerf gun:

  • The Gel Fire technology used in the Auto nerf gelfire was first introduced in 2022 and has since revolutionized the nerf industry.
  • The full-auto firing capability of the Nerf Pro Gelfire Blaster allows it to fire up to 10 gel rounds per second, giving you a definite advantage in any nerf battle.
  • The ergonomic grip of the Mr beast toy gun was designed to fit comfortably in your hand, you can play hours long nerf games.
  • The sleek, modern design of the blaster has been praised by nerf enthusiasts and is sure to turn heads in any toy gun battle.
  • The Gelfire X MrBeast Blaster is one of the most powerful and versatile blasters, making it a great choice for first-time nerf battlers and experienced players.
  • The Gel Fire technology has been patented by Hasbro, the company behind the nerf brand.


Overall, the nerf pro gelfire mythic Blaster is a great choice for those looking for a powerful, versatile blaster. Whether you’re a seasoned nerf battler or just starting out, this blaster is sure to give you an edge in any battle.

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