Things to Know About Gel Blasters

Gel blasters are one of the favorite kid’s toys that shoots gel balls and pellets as ammo. Gel toy guns are equally loved by kids and adults due to its long range and super fun firing mechanism. Because playing with these gel ball blasters is harmless.

A gel ball blaster is one of the most special presents for kids on Christmas or birthday, and can be played in many ways. Moreover, they are entirely non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. It is a fantastic toy with many fun features and activities for kids.

Some people need clarification with these different gel blasters available on the market and may need to know what they expect from these toys. Every blaster and its ammo has its pros and cons. So let’s look at all of its specifics.

What is a gel Ball blaster?

A toy gun that uses a small amount of water-based gel ammunition. The idea behind these guns is that they are more realistic than traditional airsoft weapons, but they fire at a lower velocity than airsoft guns. These are not dangerous, and everyone who loves the blasters can play them.

Can Gel Balls be made at home?

Gel balls can be made at home, and children enjoy it when they shoot different colors of balls in the air. Although some individuals prefer to produce their water beads at home, these spheres are considered non-toxic.

All that is required is the purchase of food coloring and pool chemicals, both of which can be found in any store. In a bucket, combine all the ingredients and whisk until they are liquefied. Users can add more water if it seems too difficult to stir.

Then allow them to stay overnight after it is put on the absorbed surface to remove extra water. Once you have done with all processes, store them in a small container so that you get them quickly at playtime.

Making your Gel Balls this way will save your money and allow you to utilize them as ammo for your Gel Blaster.

Are Gel blasters painful?

Gell balls can be used without risk and have no specific negative effects on kids. Nerf Gel Blasters replaced water beads as children’s preferred toy guns since they don’t hurt when they get hit by gel balls and beads.

Water beads expand into gelatinous spherical when they come in contact with it. They won’t collapse like regular water balloons and instead explode into tiny bubbles.

These toy guns are safe and do not cause any fear for parents that their children may get injured. Because they are produced entirely of natural materials like calcium chloride and sodium alginate, gel balls are favored by children and dogs.

In addition, families don’t need to worry when their youngsters use the Gel Blaster anymore because water beads have taken the role of conventional water balloons as a safe alternative.

How do they work?

The Gel-blaster ammo is sometimes likened to airsoft and paintball guns. Still, these alternatives also differ in how their projectiles are launched and the type of ammunition they employ.

Expanding or pressurized gas is used in airsoft and paintball weapons to fire bullets through the barrel. Orbeez guns, on the contrary hand, use batteries to shoot water beads up to 100 feet. Due to the reduced force of the blow, getting hit by a gel blaster is less unpleasant.

Additionally, since they use batteries to fire projectiles, many of their versions are rechargeable, saving you money on replacing them when they run out of power.

How to Store Pellets?

Hydrated gel ball water droplets can be kept in an airtight container for up to two weeks. You can retain them for up to three months if you keep them completely submerged in water before putting them in your blasters.

If you don’t use your gel balls immediately, it is advisable to keep them dehydrated since dried pellets can be kept in storage indefinitely.

Do Gel Blaster uses Gel Balls?

These blasters use jelly-type balls as ammo. Since they are both easily obtainable in most toy or apparel stores in Australia, you can buy a Gel Blaster or gel sphere from your local shops. Water beads come in four distinct colors in each packet.

Even though some companies’ transparent beads can hold 600mL of liquid, the colorless bead inside the container may hold up to 800mL.

After buying the balls, shake them well so the water beads mix thoroughly. Then fill the water in all chambers, and you can use the gel blaster for shooting action.

Can we shoot someone with gel blasters?

If the players shoot on the face, such as the eyes, or any sensitive part of the body, then it can cause problem. So, do not aim at face and try to shoot from a far distance.

The water beads can wet you, but that is not a big deal; it is an enjoyment, nothing else. They might leave a tiny stain on your clothes, but it might be simple to get rid of them by giving them a good rinse in warm water and detergent.

Cleaning will be less difficult if you interact with them while wearing heavier clothing. Furthermore, drying the garments will be less difficult because they discolor the surface instead of soaking through. The game is still exciting and secure as long as you follow the rules.

Why are Gellets considered the best balls?

If you are looking for the best blasters online, then Gel Blasters gellets are considered the best among them. All these blasters are of high quality and are found in several fantastic colors. These colors include green, black, blue, orange, yellow, purple, etc.


Now you know that gel blasters are unique toys besides Nerf Super Soakers, rival blasters, and Nerf Star Wars etc. There is something for everyone, no matter what your budget is or what type of blaster you want to get.

And this information should come in handy the next time you are at your local shop looking for a new blaster. Then there should be no confusion left in your mind.


Yes, these are illegal except for Queensland. You can purchase gel blasters without a permit or authority because these blasters are considered safe. Whereas in all the other parts of Australia you cannot buy toy blasters and nerf guns without a permit, as they are illegal.

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Yes, gel balls are soft and smaller in size as compared to paintballs. Shooting with paintballs will hurt and can make bruises and scars if someone got hot on naked body part.

Gel blasters are powerful toy guns and can shoot water beads and pellet up to 100 feet and can fire more than 200 gel balls in a minute.

When dehydrated ball pellets are used as ammo, they get jammed because dry balls are stuck in the chamber due to friction and improper size. So, always use proper dehydrated balls.

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