Are Nerf Guns illegal? Are Mod Blasters Banned?

Nerf guns have been around for a long time that are popular toys for kids. Playing with blasters involve both physical and mental activities. It is still an ongoing debate that “are nerf guns illegal?”

These days, there are different kinds of nerf rifles like the N-Strike Elite series that impact like a strong bullet. Lethal nerf guns are those which can cause severe damage to someone like skin rupture or bone fracture.

However, you should know if nerf guns are legal or not because using such a weapon may land you in jail. The reason is that some countries and their states have laws restricting people from using toy guns in public places or while they are underage.

These guns are not used to commit crimes and do not encourage kids to become criminals or gang members, like many video games. Their primary use is as a recreational activity or even just as a stress reliever. These are used to create a feeling of “war.”

Nerf Guns are Legal or Not?

Even though some nerf guns look like real guns, they contain only harmless projectiles. The safety mechanism has no kickback and cannot injure anyone. But keep in your mind the laws before buying such toys or guns.

We have discussed different countries and places with rules as well. So, get complete knowledge of them and then make up your mind.

Are Nerf Guns illegal in New York?

Nerf guns are legal in New York. You can use them for recreational shooting at targets or practicing. Using them for other purposes, such as shooting people or animals, is illegal.

In NYC, you can purchase nerf guns at any licensed retailer and use it on private property as long as you are not breaking any other laws. You cannot use a nerf gun in public spaces such as parks or schools.

However, the federal law that governs firearms and ammunition has no exemption for nerf guns. Therefore, if a child under 18 purchase a nerf gun in NY, they are subject to punishment as an adult.

Consequently, you need to register them after buying them and then use them without fear of being caught by police. There are no illegal nerf guns, it is a common misconception. Unless someone modifies nerf guns in such a way that they shoot different bullets.

Key Legislative Elements

The characteristics stated below serve as a foundation upon which other policy solutions may be thought about. Accordingly, a jurisdiction should contact legal counsel before considering proposed laws.

  • You cannot own non-powder guns according to the law.
  • All large-calibre non-powder weapons transfers must go via a registered firearms dealer, who must also notify law authorities of every transfer.
  • Owners of powerful non-powder weapons with big calibres can register their guns.

Are Nerf Guns illegal in Australia?

The answer may be yes or no. It depends on the laws of Australia or its states. But you must be careful while purchasing them so that they will cause no trouble for you and your parents. Try to buy those nerf guns that do not hit hard and cause no injury or harm.

According to the law, you should only be required to register a standard Nerf pistol if you want to use gel pellets as ammunition. Suppose you fill an unlicensed Nerf pistol with gel pellets. In that case, you could be charged with significant firearm offences, such as owning a lethal firearm.

Many others have, however, received contradictory information. For example, some claim that all Nerf blasters with the ability to fire gel pellets need a license.

Gel Blasters in Australia

North Australia still allows the use of gel ball blasters. However, in South Australia, you must register it with your neighborhood police. Water beads or orbeez can be used as soft ammo for Orbeez guns. Soft polymer balls are loved by kids and they grow in water.

They are regarded as “Imitation Firearms,” and you might face significant firearms charges if you don’t have a license.

Is it illegal to bring a Nerf Gun to school?

In few states it is illegal to bring nerf guns to school. These guns are not allowed in schools because they are dangerous and could cause harm to students, teachers, and staff. However after convincing administration, a nerf Nerf war competition can be organized in the school.

The law states that if a person has a weapon on them and it is visible, they are breaking the law. So if you think you can hide it, it’s still not working well for you. You’re going to get caught.

If you have one at home and don’t want your parents to know where it is, then that’s up to you because there are no laws against owning one if you keep it at home. However, if you bring them into school, they will be confiscated and put at the police station for further investigation.

Many models of Nerf guns sold today have large clip capacities and multiple colors and hues, making them very appealing to kids who want to customize their weapons with different colors, patterns, and accessories.

You might also see some nerf guns with realistic-looking paint jobs or attachments such as laser pointers or flashlights. So, these are powerful and do not bring them to the school. Keep yourself and also other people safe in your surroundings.

Is it illegal to spray paint a nerf gun?

No, it is not illegal to spray paint a nerf gun. You can do it to provide a handsome look to your weapons and make them different from the others on the battlefield arena. There are different types of metallic paints in the market that you can spray on guns to modify.

But sometimes it is said that spraying black color on the nerf guns is not the best way if you are going to play with them outside. Try to use different colors like orange or blue. Some people do not have any information about these guns, so if you spray black paint, they might look like a real gun, which will be considered illegal.

Someone might complain about it, which will cause trouble for you. So, be conscious about painting and modifying your nerf guns. If you want to spray paint your nerf gun, here is a step by step tutorial.

Is modifying Nerf Guns Illegal?

The answer lies between yes and no. Nerf gun modifications means to add some unique blasters to make it robust. Modders will often modify nerf guns to make it shoot further or faster so they can use their gun in more games or tournaments, and their chances of winning the game increases.

Instead of buying a new blaster from the store, you can modify nerf guns by changing barrels. Mod nerf guns are not illegal, but it does carry some risks as well. You should not use spikes or any plastic that will pierce into opponents’ skin.

The main issue with mod nerf guns is safety and liability. Suppose you modify nerf gun to shoot bullets stronger than those available on the market. In that case, you are creating a weapon that can cause injuries and death.

Suppose you modify your gun so that it emits lasers or any harmful bullets that criminals can use to harm people. In that case, you are creating dangerous and illegal weapons. There are laws against making or selling these modified guns because they pose a severe threat to public safety.

Is it illegal to shoot someone with a nerf gun?

Nerf guns are toys that shoots darts or rubber balls, but some of them are modified nerf darts. They are fun and harmless unless you shoot someone with strong nerf hyper rounds. After that, it is illegal to hit anyone with any weapon, except for self-defense, if you are threatened.

The only exception is if the firearm is an airsoft gun or toy that fires nonlethal plastic BBs (like nerf darts). If you’re in a public place and shooting someone with a nerf gun, that is against the law.

This is because Nerf guns aren’t designed to shoot actual bullets, so they don’t qualify as firearms. But sometimes cause injury to the eyes, head or any sensitive part of the body. There is an ongoing debate “can Nerf guns be used for self defence?”

The best way to tell if a nerf gun is illegal is if it has the word “firearm” or “rifle” on it somewhere. If it happens, it will probably be against the law. You can train dogs and pets with nerf toys.

Don’t do it if you’re worried about getting into trouble for shooting someone with a nerf gun! The best thing you can do is to be careful about where you’re using them and make sure that anyone you use them might hurt what you’re doing.

Although, it also varies by the state in which you reside. Some states have laws against shooting toy guns at people, while others don’t. The federal law prohibiting using a firearm “to injure, intimidate ” applies to real guns and ammunition.

So if you’re caught using your Nerf gun to shoot at pets or someone with the intent to hurt them, or if you’ve seen waving around your Nerf gun and pointing it at random people, you could face criminal charges.

Are nerf guns considered weapons?

Nerf blasters are not considered weapons in the traditional sense, as they are designed for fun and do not have the capability to cause serious injury or death. However, like any object, Nerf guns can be misused and can cause injury if used improperly.

There are some banned blasters which are considered deadly and are prohibited to use. You can get caught by using banned nerf guns.

It is important to use Nerf guns responsibly and follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions to minimize the risk of injury. It is also generally advisable to use Nerf guns in a controlled environment, such as a private home or a designated play area, and to avoid using them in public places where they could be perceived as a threat.


Nerf guns are not illegal to buy. However, if you want to use them in a public place or try to shoot at people or animals, it will be unlawful, and they would be considered weapons.

Although the police may try to decide whether or not the toy makes you a danger to yourself or others, you will not be arrested for simple possession.

Please make an effort to register them per local or national law. It is good to remember that nerf guns do not kill people as they’re harmless. I hope this article helped you learn more.


No, Nerf guns are not illegal. However, if you misuse them, you may break the law. For example, using them to shoot people or animals could create problems for you.

Yes, all Nerf guns must be registered with the government before they can legally be sold or used. This means that once a certain age bracket has been reached, all children under that age will need to register for a license before they can purchase any gun.

The answer is yes if you live in a city or suburban area. You can use most Nerf guns at home with no restrictions. However, suppose you live in a room with strict rules about using such types of toys then.

In that case, we recommend contacting local law enforcement to clarify the legality of using this toy at home.

No, some Nerf guns do not fall under these categories. The law states that anything that fires a bullet from a rifle is considered a firearm, but this does not apply to those designed for sports.

In the US, Nerf weapons are permitted. Regarding their usage or sale, the federal govt has not imposed any regulations.

However, some states have enacted laws prohibiting the possession or sale of toy weapons that can be used as realistic replicas of real firearms, such as airsoft guns.

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