How to Make a Toy Gun? DIY Step by Step

A toy gun is an object used to imitate a real gun’s appearance. The toy guns are made of plastic, foam, or other synthetic materials. Nerf guns super soakers, and gel blasters are examples of toy guns.

They can shoot nerf darts, hyper rounds, and orbeez balls to satisfy the children’s curiosity and imagination. It’s not only a toy but a complete gaming experience. Therefore, some people want to know ” how to make a toy gun at home that shoots” using the available materials.

You can give your kids a task to make their own toy guns that can shoot different type of ammo, soft balls or simple arrows. I am sure, your kids will love this activity and will surprise you with their final product. You have to guide them at each step.

Toy Guns

Your kids can play war games and try shooting practice with their own homemade toy pistols. Making a fake gun looks a bit more interesting and will increase excitement in the children. Here we will provide a step-by-step guide for making toy pistols and guns from different materials.

Things to Consider before Making a Toy Gun

  • If you want to make a cardboard pistol, glue and scissors will prove helpful for you to cut or join the parts.
  • Use crayons that have been sharpened to create “bullets” and then shoot them with the rubber band on the pistol.
  • Wooden shotguns can be made by carving a shotgun shape from it and adding metal tubes to the front.
  • After that, place matches into the steel tubes and shoots them with a clothespin’s spring.

How to Make Cardboard Pistol or Gun?

Below are the 10 steps to make a paper nerf gun using cardboard and other few things. These DIY toy gun making steps will guide you completely. After that you will be able to make your own toy gun at home easily.

Cardboard Pistol

1. Draw a Pistol Outline on a Paper

Take a piece of paper with a pencil and ruler. Draw a gun barrel, then hand and grip. The barrel would be 6 inches, and the handle would be 5 to 6 means 13 to 15cm. Then to cut these parts, use your cutter or scissors.

2. Shape on Cardboard

The next step is to take a cardboard and draw two gun shapes. Then cut it with scissors. It will become two parts: the front and the back of the realistic pistol toy.

3. Glue the Pieces

Select a piece of cardboard that is about three inches long and rectangular. Use a hot glue gun to connect it to 1 part of your cardboard pistol at the top.

After that, adhere the second pistol form to the opposite side of the cardboard strip and trim the excess. This cardboard strip represents the apex of the gun’s barrel. Your nerf rifle will appear three-dimensional once this element has fully adhered.

4. Add Cardboard to the Gun

Now complete the toy gun’s missing pieces. The 3 cardboard pieces should be 2 inches broad and 3 inches long. Add 1 at the very top of the barrel after pasting 2 on either side of the grip.

Use scissors to trim any extra cardboard hanging from the firearm. When you complete your task, it will look like a 3D gun.

5. Roll Sheets of Paper

Cut in half a piece of paper that is the standard size. Next, take a straw and hold half of it around it. Then place the tape in the middle, and its center becomes hollow when you pull it off.

Then take another and roll the other half but here, you will not pull the tape to make a hollow middle. These parts will be the barrel of your homemade guns, and bullets will shoot out. Pick up the piece of paper with no hollow interior.

Insert a rubber band onto the hook you have produced after bending one end down by about 12 in (1.3 cm). To keep the rubber band in place, tape the paper hook down.

6. Glue the Hollow Sheet

Then, use a glue gun to attach the parts at the top of the toy weapon. It is the front of the gun, and bullets will come out from there.

7. Slide the other Pieces

Use another sheet of paper and roll it, and then at the hollow piece of paper, slide it towards it. The pointed direction of the rubber band will be at its back. Halfway along the paper’s passage, draw the rubber band over the paper’s front.

8. Poke a Skewer

Over the back of the barrel, cut the small hole with the help of a scissor. Then, insert a skewer where the trigger would be on the front of the rifle. Next, cut a hole in the barrel, and insert the skewer’s back end through it.

The gun’s trigger will be located on the front of the skewer. If it’s too hard to reach the skewer’s tip with your finger while holding the handle of your weapon, shorten it.

9. Sharpen Crayons

Hold crayons and break them into smaller parts. Then, to make bullets, sharpen them with a sharpener. Kids can also use thin chalk pieces.

10. Cardboard Pistol is Ready

Take the non-hollow paper fragment and pull it away from the barrel’s back. Hang the paper’s hooked end over the back of the barrel after using it. Next, insert a crayon into the paper hole at the front of the pistol. You need to paint the gun to give it a realistic look.

The crayon will burst out like a bullet when you squeeze the “trigger,” the wooden stick. Do not shoot crayons at humans because they can hurt. Instead, apply all precautions that you used for a real nerf cardboard gun.

How to Make Wooden Toy Gun

A fully functional wooden toy gun needs super creativity and experience. We will guide you through various steps, which will help you to make an amazing toy gun of wood. All you need are simple tools, glue, spring and screws.

Wooden Toy Gun

Draw a Gun on Wooden Piece

Find a scrap piece of wood 4 to 5 inches long and about 1 inch thick on the underside of the wood that will serve as the base of your gun, and draw a shotgun form using a pencil.

Carve the Body with a Knife

You will design the shape with the help of a knife. Cutaway like the shape of your fingers. Kids should take caution when cutting with knives and smoothing the sharp edges with sandpaper.

Cut Two Notches

Cut the small notch from the back of the barrel. Then make another from the bottom of the gun that will be the center of the barrel.

Attach a Spring

Extract the spring from a clothespin by disassembling it. Compress the spring over your rifle while orienting the bottom of it down and toward the ground. Place the spring in the two notches you just created.

It will be a miniature spring shotgun, most of the facing downward.

Glue Metal Tubes

It’s time to complete your shotgun’s double barrel. Two little metal tubes can be hot glued to the front of a gun to create a twin barrel, allowing the tubes to shoot from above the trigger guard.

For this phase, the majority of individuals use two telescoping magnet parts.

Load Bullets

Make sure the matches stick out of the back of each metal tube just a little bit when you slide it in from the front. To load the gun, back away the spring on the head of the weapon. When ready, squeeze the bottom of the gun’s trigger to advance the spring and fire the matches.

Bullets or ammo are of different types, from nerf darts to soft balls, hyper rounds and gel beads.


In the end, you can make a play gun out of anything, as long as it is safe. Making toy guns is a fun, hand-made project perfect for kids. It can be an excellent way to teach kids about physics and firearms technology. Plus, it’s a lot of fun for the whole family.

If you want a simple gun, you can make it quickly, but if you want something different, it depends on available material and will take a little longer. We hope this article gave you an idea, a few little tricks, and tips and brought you closer to creation.


The best way to make a toy revolver gun is to use an existing gun as a template. You can buy guns from many places, but making your toy gun is quite interesting.

If you want to make your own, look for toys that already have the components removed and find someone to let you take them apart. However, you can also get help from the guide mentioned above.

No, you can’t. Real bullets are very dangerous and can cause severe injuries to children. If you want to make your toy gun powerful, use plastic bullets or foam darts, and you can buy them easily from any store.

Generally, it’s legal to buy and sell toy guns but some in countries, it is illegal like Australia and some states of America. You can get jail for buying fake guns without permit. As some toy pistols look like real weapons.

If a toy gun is a water gun, it is fine otherwise it is a strong offence to give airsoft guns or nerf guns to toddlers. They can harm there selves.

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