Nerf Hyper Series Review – Powerful Blasters

The Nerf Hyper blaster series is a line of Nerf guns designed to be more powerful than their predecessors. Hyper series is unique in several ways due to its ability to fire heavy impact hyper rounds. This newer technology continues to improve with new models released every year.

These blasters shoot hyper balls instead of darts. Nerf Hyper series guns have different looks with modern features. This new edition is a blessing for kids who love to play nerf war games. These blasters are perfect for kids of age more than 12. These blasters are also used by pro nerf players.

Best Nerf Hyper Blasters
Best Nerf Hyper Blasters Guns

They look like the other rival blasters but have much better performance that makes them better. These Nerf blasters are more powerful and shoot more accurately. You have to fire rubber balls instead of darts to achieve high performance.

These hyper blasters have a maximum 110 feet per second burst rate. They are designed in this way that their shooting system is perfect.

Image Product Details  
backpac NERF Hyper Mach-100 Fully Motorized Blaster
80 Hyper Rounds
110 FPS Velocity
Holds Up to 100 Rounds
backpac NERF Hyper Siege-50 Pump-Action Blaster
40 Hyper Rounds
110 FPS Velocity
Holds Up to 50 Rounds
cordlessblower NERF Hyper Rush-40 Pump-Action Blaster
30 Hyper Rounds
110 FPS Velocity
Holds Up to 40 Rounds

Best Nerf Hyper Blasters Series Guns – Detailed Reviews

1. Nerf Hyper Mach-100

One of the best Nerf Hyper Series blaster, which is why it’s one of our favorite blasters for kids. It is a flywheel-powered blaster, fully automatic, and has big hyper-style magazines that can hold up to 100 hyper rounds.

You will enjoy firing with it as it is not an ergonomic blaster. Instead, it has an integrated targeting scope that makes it easy to shoot targets long distances. The Nerf Hyper Mach requires a 6D battery to recharge it, while a lighter rechargeable battery cannot be able to do that.

Nerf Hyper Mach Fully Motorized Blaster


  • It has an innovative design and durable material, increasing its speed and capacity.
  • The nerf hyper mach-100 is a fully motorized blaster with incredible shooting speed that fires at 110 FPS.
  • The blaster is easy to load and large. The most exciting feature is that having almost 80 hyper rounds.


  • Two triggers to operate like the other motorized guns.
  • Very well designed and great for adults who want to get experience playing with airsoft.
  • The balls are rubbery with good weight.


  • It requires a 6D battery to charge, which is very expensive.

2. Nerf Hyper Siege-50

The Nerf Hyper Siege-50 has pump-action priming. You need to move it back and forth and fire 1 round. Pumping the slides will help you to fire all blasts with its slam-fire action.

You can arrange the Nerf battle wars and compete with your friends. You will win the fire battle due to its maximum speed of 110FPS. It has 40 rounds.

There is no hurdle while playing, and you can upload enough rounds and keep playing without stopping. However, they are easy to reload and do not waste much time, so you do not lose the game. The hopper can carry up to 50 rounds.


  • Easy to set up and charge.
  • Exciting sounds and vibrations.
  • Different types of modes.


  • Lose the lives instantly with only one shoot.
  • The chest sensor lights up faintly.
NERF Hyper Siege-50

3. Nerf Hyper Rush-40

The Hyper Rush-40 has 30 rounds, and its hopper has a 40-round capacity. Move priming slide forward and backward, then shoot a fire. It also has multiple tactical rails, a great addition to its features. The hoppers have an enormous capacity for rounds.

The 40 battery is something you can use to level up your war game and give you an advantage over competing blasters. Now, you can play with your friends for a longer period of time, without any difficulty reloading them again and again.

Nerf Hyper pistol is a perfect gift on Christmas. You need to review its features and buy them. It’s got a sleek look and a smooth feel that make it easy to shoot.

Add on top of that the cool features like dart storage, automatic trigger, and stock attachment.


  • Powerful Spring-load blaster.
  • Lots of ammo, and the shooting range is impressive.
  • Design creation is beautiful.


  • Only 30 rounds can be placed in it
Nerf Hyper Rush-40

Benefits of Nerf Hyper Series Blaster

Nerf Hyper guns and blasters have the upper hand on the nerf guns. They have unique benefits such as more accuracy and power that other guns do not offer. We have examined many benefits, so let’s discuss them.


As these nerf hyper fires balls instead of darts, so the balls fired by them go on a long distance and have much more collision force than darts. It means that you can easily hit the target from far away.

These guns shoots high impact rounds and the shooting power is much more than rival series blasters. These guns are famous for their robustness.


The ball launchers that allow shooting has much more precision than the other nerf guns. You’ll hit your target right on the head. Now, you do not need to worry about how to hit your target if it is far away. This is the most considerable development in the Hyper guns.


The Nerf Hyper refill has more capacity to place the balls in the magazine. This implies that you do not have to be concerned about how to reload them when playing.

These nerf firearms reload more quickly. As a result, you can play the game for longer without having to worry about running out of ammunition.

Great Experience

If you are looking for guns with high performance and longer range, this series of blaster is best. They have a maximum fire capacity that is about 100 Fire Per Second. These are the fastest guns compared to Nerf Elite Guns, and you can accurately hit the target.

Long Range

Hyper guns offer long range shooting. The rubber bullets can hit the target placed at 65-70 feet away. If someone fires at an angle of 45, these hyper rounds can cover distance of almost 135-140 feet, which is quite impressive.

Nerf Hyper Blasters Accessories

Using Nerf accessories are recommended to play nerf battle. You need safety, extra darts and it has many other advantages.

Nerf Hyper Accessories
Nerf Hyper Series Accessories

1. Hyper Round

Nerf Hyper Series blasters use the rubber balls for shooting instead of darts; that’s why they are called Hyper Rounds. They are more impressive than the rival rounds. Rival Rounds are made up of foams, while on the other hand, Hyper rounds are made up of denser rubber.

These rubber bullets are so bouncy and small and can be lost easily. Hyper rounds came with the package, you can also buy some extra rounds, so that you won’t short of ammo in the middle of the nerf war.

2. Nerf Safety Glasses

Nerf protection glasses came with these hyper blasters to protect your eyes, as hyper rounds may hurt your eyes if shoot directly. Health protection is the first concern of the parents. Must use Nerf goggles while war game or even practicing.

3. Nerf Hyper Facemask

Hyper facemask is one of the essential accessories for playing with hyper blasters because safety should be the first priority. These masks offer full-face protection from flying hyper rounds and it comes with an easy-breath design.

If you are going to participate in massive nerf war games, you must wear this protection face mask. This is much more than simple nerf safety eye glasses and save your eyes as well as your face from fast flying rubber rounds.


There’s a Hyper Blaster Nerf for every age range, every type of blaster enthusiast, and every occasion. Everything about these guns is designed with extreme attention to detail for optimal performance, from the bullets to the blaster itself.

They’re fun to use in indoor gameplay and devastatingly powerful in outdoor arenas. There are no excuses not to bring these guns along when planning any Nerf battle. So grab your favorite nerf pistol and start blasting away.

Hyper blasters are very powerful, so you cannot shoot cute animals or any random person walking through the street, as it is very dangerous. Don’t hurt anyone, just for the sake of fun.


Yes! All of the blasters have safety standards. For example, the hyper blasters have been tested at various power levels and will not hurt anyone unless they are shot directly into the eyes or face. However, if the ball hits more strongly, it will hurt.

Since the super rounds are comprised of rubber, getting struck by one will undoubtedly hurt. Rubber balls will make redness on your skin if someone get it on naked body. Therefore you always need protection and safety measures.

Nerf Hyper series can carry 100 rounds, compared to Nerf Rival’s 50, giving it a significant round capacity advantage. However, some people can find accuracy problems because Nerf Hyper blasters may be more challenging to handle because of their tiny size.

But once more, it mostly depends on the user’s preferences.

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