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Nerf fans are looking for Nerf Darts Storage ideas to hold and organize their nerf ammo. Parents are looking for ways to keep their children active by playing with new nerf guns and blasters. You can buy Darts Holder from online or retail stores but making them at home is the best idea.

Children are not so responsible; they place their toys anywhere in the house, such as in the bedroom, in a garage, at the door’s entrance, etc. That results in the loss of nerf darts. Nerf darts picker is best roller machine that gathers all of your darts and store them.

Nerf darts are in different sizes and shapes. Beside darts and bullets nerf blasters fire hyper rounds and soft balls.

Nerf Darts Storage Ideas

You don’t want to throw away your darts or, at the same time, don’t want them to be in your way or clutter up your garage. So please read on as we show you simple ways to store your Nerf guns and darts and keep them safe.

Most Popular Nerf Darts Storage Ideas

Nerf Darts Storage

Before and after playing, the most important thing is to have the right nerf darts storage places, where you can safely keep them when not in use, and also quickly pick up before the game. Here are some nerf darts storage ideas that you could find helpful in light of this.

Translucent Drawers

Drawers are a great way to keep your ammo organized and ready for action. You can make two different colors or choose one that matches your room. Just make sure you have enough space to put them all in.

In addition, they’re lightweight and easy to make, so it’s better for your budget. Counting the number of drawers you’ll require is the first step. If you have a lot of darts or want to make it easier for yourself, consider getting multiple sets of dividers.

For example, if you have 36 darts and three drawers, you’ll need three partitions. Next, measure the height and width of your Nerf dart storage area and add that measurement to the length of your drawer divider.

This will help ensure that your wall fits perfectly into your space. If necessary, add a little extra room on either side of the drawer divider so that it doesn’t get in the way when you open and close it.

Darts Holder Box

If you have a favorite pencil box, it’s time to turn it into a nerf gun storage box. It’s quick, inexpensive, and simple to complete. You can also store extra darts, so that you are not out of ammo during nerf war.

The box has two compartments, one large enough to hold many darts. The top of the pencil box has a lid. This lid protects your darts from dust, dirt, and other debris. The pencil box’s bottom is also detachable for simple cleaning.

Nerf Darts Storage Containers

Nerf guns are fun to play with but can be painful to store. If you have many of them and don’t want to waste them in your garage, you might consider storing them in a container.

Look no further if you’re searching for a simple solution to keep your Nerf guns organized. The holding capacity depends upon the size of the container. These sturdy plastic containers will keep your darts secure from water and dust.

These plastic containers are durable, light weight and easy to carry. To use this idea, purchase an ordinary plastic container that is deep enough to hold all your Nerf guns equipment.

If you want, you can even paint it. Now that you have a storage container, you will want to fill it with darts so that there is plenty of room for more.

Nerf Cupboard Darts Holder

Nerf guns are one of the most popular toys for kids, but they can be challenging to store. Utilizing a cupboard as dart rack is one option. These cabinets come in a wide range of sizes and designs.

Some have drawers or shelves that slide out, while others have doors. The frame is designed to hold the darts at an angle, allowing you to quickly grab them with one hand. The main advantage of having a cupboard is that it provides a safe place to store.

You can also use them as an entertainment center by adding some games, puzzles, and other items to keep your kids busy while you’re away from home.

You can also use this to store other small items, such as batteries, screws, and staples, so they are all in one place. If you only have a tiny workspace, this is helpful.

Laundry Basket

You can easily store your Nerf Guns in a laundry basket or a plastic tub. This is a great way to keep your things, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out of their place. Additionally, you might use various colors for each dart.

It will help you keep track of which type of dart is in which location, so you know where to find it when you need it.

Different types of Nerf Storage Baskets

The first is the most straightforward and affordable. It’s also the largest, but it does have its limitations. It has handles on each end to make it easy to carry, but it can be a bit awkward when you need to take multiple units at once.

The second type is more like a traditional laundry basket with a handle on one end and a drain hole at the bottom so that water can drain out when you open it up. This basket will hold more than just darts, though it’s also great for storing other things like socks, blankets, or toys.

The third type is similar to the second type except that it has wheels instead of handles on each end and has some extra space inside where you can fit more things.

Pull String Bags

Nerf dart bags are a great way to store ammo and hyper rounds for war. These bags are available in various hues and sizes, so you may pick the one that best suits your requirements.

If you want to see what’s inside your dart bag, some have to pull string handles so that you can easily open it up and see what’s inside. The pull string bag is the best nerf bullet storage and carrying solution for those who lost their things.

The bag is a great way to store your nerf darts and other small items, but it also has other benefits. You may carry it as a backpack or shoulder bag. In addition, your darts are safe inside the bag, so you shouldn’t worry about missing them.

Darts Holder Shoe Box

Over-the-door shoe organizer and boxes are great ways to keep your nerf dart organized. The plastic for your shoe rack is cheap and easy to install, so you can use it in any room of your house.

This darts organizer is also durable and will last for years, and there are plenty of hooks, so you can hang more Nerf Accessories at once.

You don’t have to go digging through your drawers or cabinets looking for something that is not in sight. Instead, you open up the nerf door storage, and here they are.

Wooden Hook Nerf Darts Holder

Wooden hooks are a great way to hang multiple packets of darts. They may be mounted on any wall in the house and take up very little space. They will also endure a lifetime because they are sturdy and long-lasting.

If you have a lot of nerf attachments, this is the best way to store them because each item will have its place in your storage area. The most common way to keep your Nerf darts and guns is in the original packaging.

This is excellent for organizing your collection of darts and noting how many you have. However, if you want to store them more organized fashion, you can use these wooden hooks. The wood design makes it perfect for storing guns of varying sizes and colors.

The hooks come in three sizes to fit any wall or surface. They make great gifts for kids or adults who enjoy playing with friends or family at home or around the house.

Nerf Darts Holder Wall

To maximize space, it’s a good idea to dedicate an entire wall in your home for storing your Nerf Guns and Dart collection. For example, if you have a set of darts and other items and want to keep them safe, then all you need is a wall to mount the dartboard.

You can then place all of your darts in one spot and make it easy for you to access them when you want. It will also give a charming look to your room, and you can place all your nerf favorite toys there. This dart holder wall is the best storage place for your nerf guns and other toys.

Shelves Nerf Ammo Storage

An ammo shelf is a great bulk nerf bullets storage idea to keep ammunition and other supplies organized. You can also use it as an extra storage space for your nerf dart collection.

When you look at the different ammo shelves ideas available, you will notice that they all have separate compartments. The more rooms, the better, as this will allow you to store more items. Some ammo organization ideas have only one case, while others have many chambers.

The best thing about these shelves is that they are straightforward to construct, which makes them ideal for DIYers. You only need Nails and wooden shelves. You can use easy to make nerf ammo holders to store them and ensure they are easily accessible when you need them.

The good idea is to mount it on the wall behind your sofa or bed, so you don’t have to worry about finding room for one on the floor or table.

Rail Darts Holder

The rail dart holder is a great way to store your blaster darts. You can save them in a manner that will make it simpler for you to get to them when you require them. You should be able to discover one that precisely suits your needs because they exist in so many various shapes and sizes.

The rails are best to hold the darts in place when they kids are not playing nerf war games. This will allow you to track how to organize nerf guns you have left without taking them out of their holders.


Ultimately, we provided the best nerf darts holder ideas and how to create them for your kids. To keep the items, you can use racks, hooks, containers, bags, and several other ways mentioned above.

All of these methods treat the darts like a cartridge. You can mix above any two dart holder ideas to get better results. Organizing toys is the first thing to teach to your kids.

This is important to keep these methods in mind, as it will mean not losing any darts as you remove them from their storage container. However, it is your choice to choose from them. The best solution is the one that’s easy for you to adapt and maintain.


Darts will lose their bounce over time. This is because they are made from foam and will lose their shape over time. The main reason why this happens is that they get wet and then dry out, so it’s essential to keep them away from water as much as possible.

Nope! You don’t need to keep darts in your hand rather you store them in your strap, in the pockets of your trousers and even you can carry a bag full of darts.

The best place to store your Nerf Dart Storage Bag is on a closet shelf or a dresser in your bedroom. while playing nerf games, you have to wear the bag. It’s also great for storing other toys like Nerf guns and action figures.

If you plan on using them in a dart gun again, you must sterilize and clean them first. the dirty darts may stuck in the blaster gun and can damage it. This is done by placing them in boiling water for three minutes and then letting them cool down before using them again.

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