Nerf Tactical Vest Kit Features

A true nerf fan always loves Tactical Vest as they have many advantages over not wearing a kit. It not only makes you look cool but you become very handy while playing the nerf games as you have access to extra nerf darts, ammo, and magazines.

In nerf battlefield, bullets or darts are your priority. The more darts you have, the more chances of your winning. The tactical vest is also called the Nerf kit, as players wear the kits representing their teams and have safety items like players wearing helmets and pads to avoid any injury.

The primary purpose of nerf vest is to have plenty of darts so that you don’t run out of bullets while in a war. We recommend you always wear nerf helmets and goggles, and also, you can wear a bandana to make things extra spicy.

Nerf Tactical Vest
Nerf Vest Accessories

Wearing helmets and goggles is for safety so that you do not accidentally hit by ammo in the eye, as the eyes are one of the body’s most sensitive parts. In addition, the helmet will protect your head when you fall while battling to avoid head injuries.

Your requirements are based on your playing style. If you fire roughly like a machine gun firing many bullets at a time or are a sniper soldier, you must follow safety measures. Different vests have different capacities for magazine and darts storage.

It depends upon the vest model you are purchasing. There are full-body tactical vests too that have so many pockets and pouches.

Good news for all the nerf fans out there, we have created a complete buying guide so that you can purchase a perfect vest for you or your kids. After reading the complete article, I am sure you will be well aware of all the features and benefits of having a perfect vest.

Features of Nerf Tactical Vest

Nerf vest is loaded with tons of features, wearing it will make you one step ahead of your opponents. Below is the list of the main features of nerf kit and their advantages.

Nerf Kit Features
Nerf Vest Features

1. Large Nerf Darts Carrying Capacity

The main feature is the storage capacity. Carefully figure out how much capacity will fulfill your need, which means how many pockets it has.

How many darts and other tools can it store? You must not extra populate the pockets as it will tear the vest and also lose your darts while running and hiding.

Mega vests have an additional pouch on the side, which can hold a tiny blaster, or you can put more extra darts in it.

2. Nerf Dart holders and Pouches

Considering your requirements, check how many dart holders and pouches the vest has. The more the pouches, the more storage capacity of darts is.

The average vests have two clip holders and almost 12 dart holders, and 2 pouches. In pouches, you can store nerf softballs or darts. Make sure not to overfill the pouches.

Use your darts wisely, as one only dart can make you a winner or a loser. So, keep yourself loaded with darts and clips. Read here for more Nerf darts storage ideas, if you have many darts and nerf rounds.

3. Nerf Strap

you can attach extra straps to the vest so you can hold extra clips with it. Straps are like slings that you can wear like a belt, and they can hold dozens of darts. As you see, a soldier’s pistol is attached to his belt. This way, you are loaded with more ammo than your opponent.

Some kits have back straps that can hold extra nerf guns or blasters. For example, suppose you are playing in a rough area. Sometimes, you need to use a nerf pistol, and sometimes you require a nerf blaster.

4. Nerf Vest Size

Check the size before ordering a vest online, as some vests are for kids and some for adults. Always consider the size chart or try it when purchasing from a store.

Some Nerf vests are fit for all as they are flexible, and you can tight or lose the straps according to your body. Make sure the vest you choose can adjust to different body sizes.

5. Vest Color

Most of the vests came in black color, and few of them followed a camouflage pattern. It’s totally up to you, which color you would like to wear or what suits you more.

6. Nerf Vest Accessories

Always consider what other accessories the company is offering. Check how many nerf darts and clips they are offering. For example, The N-Strike Tactical Vest comes with two six dart clips and 12 real Nerf Elite darts.

7. Other Nerf Attachments

Nerf guns also have additional attachments and accessories like nerf helmets, bandana, nerf facemask and goggles. Wearing a complete nerf kit will give you an extra feeling of a pro player. Trust me, and this will enhance your war game. Helmets and goggles are best for safety purposes.

Covering a face with a bandana as ninja warriors do will make you an extra cool player. The bandana can also protect you from heat burning as your face is covered with a fantastic piece of cloth. It will make you look like an anonymous and secret nerf war hero.

Few real soldiers and spies wear bandanas to protect their identity. You can feel yourself being the one.

Nerf Tactical Vest History

The first tactical vest was released in 2009 and was a big hit in the toy industry as it was a much-needed product for all the nerf players, from kids to adults. People started loving it just after its release.

The very first vest kit could hold four clips and 12 darts. Clips and magazines are termed that are often used interchangeably. Read about Nerf history here.

Please don’t go for cheap products, as they offer many adds-on free, but their quality is very low. For example, the vest will tear easily, or the extra darts they are offering will break easily, or they can also damage your blasters. So check the quality, not the price tag.


It is not mandatory to wear Nerf kit but it will give you many advantages over not using it. You will get a feeling of pro nerf player just by wearing it.

Nerf vests has some safety features too. You can not get hurt if you are hit by a flying dart or a round. Here comes the value of Nerf vest kit, which will save you from nerf darts injury.

Wearing a Nerf vest is similar to putting a shirt on. After that you have to put nerf accessories like wearing safety glasses, nerf strap, and start adding nerf darts and ammo in the pouches.

You have to wear a well fitted dress, not a loose one. There are more chances of getting hit if you are wearing loose clothes.

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