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Nerf Elite Dart Rover is a roller machine similar to a carpet cleaner or lawn mower that picks up the nerf darts fired from nerf guns and blasters. If your kids love Nerf war games, they throw a nerf war party and invite their friends.

Unfortunately, there must be hundreds of nerf ammo left on the floor after the war game, and most of the darts will be gone missing forever. Therefore picking and organizing darts in mandatory, dart rover is he best way to pick up nerf darts.

We are sure your mom will always be furious picking up the Nerf darts after you finish your nerf battle. However, Nerf Vacuum cleaner will resolve your issue and make things easier, which is good news for the parents.

This Nerf vacuum darts picker will help you to pick up all the darts, wherever they are under the sofa or table. You must clean your nerf guns and darts to maintain their quality and enjoy nerf pleasure in long run.

This incredible nerf dart collector machine will make you jealous of your kids because, at your time, this nerf lawn mower was not on the market, and you had to pick up all the darts manually.

Nerf Dart Rover
Nerf Darts Picker

Nerf Dart Rover Parts

It has four main components. The functionality of the dart picker machine is very simple, you just have to roll over the machine on the darts and it will automatically picks up all.

Nerf Dart Rover Parts
Parts of Nerf Dart Picker

1. Dart Rover Machine

The primary body of the nerf bullet vacuum is composed of durable, unbreakable plastic. The body also has an anti-slip design that prevents it from sliding around when in use.

This feature is excellent because it will ensure that your hands don’t get injured while using this product. Tires are installed on the base of darts machine to easily drag it in all directions.

2. Power Source

You do not have to worry about running out of batteries as this toy comes with a powerful battery pack lasting up to several hours. In addition, the battery pack is rechargeable, so there’s no need to worry about purchasing extra ones once they run out.

3. Adjustable Suction

The Vacuum has an adjustable suction control dial that allows you to adjust the suction level of the nerf bullet collector according to your needs. Additionally, it has a large opening that will enable you to place items quickly on top of it.

To use the Nerf gun Vacuum effectively, you’ll need to know how to assemble it before starting correctly. However, it’s effortless to do once you start, so don’t worry about reading through this guide too much; follow along closely so you can use it immediately.

4. Darts Picker Handle

This vacuum machine is equipped with a handle, which will make it easy to drag on a plain floor for picking up the darts. The height of the handle is adjustable, so that everyone can use.

5. Nerf Darts Storage Bucket

A darts storage basket is attached at the back of the rover machine which stores the darts. It can store up to 100 darts easily. Make sure to empty the basket, once it is filled with darts.

How does Nerf Elite Dart Rover Works?

This nerf dart picker is a vacuum that sucks darts and works like a carpet sweeper; you can drag it like a trolley. Roll over the Vacuum through the darts, and it will automatically pick up all the darts and stack it in the rear bucket, which can hold up to a hundred darts at once.

The mesh bag collects all the darts, which you can transfer to your Nerf storage rack. It has an adjustable handle and two anti-slippery rubber tires, which move the nerf rover smoothly. So that you don’t have to stoop, you can set the handle to your height.

The front, rotating cylinder rolls over on the darts and puts them in the bucket attached to the other side. This product is for indoors only, so be careful using it outdoors. This Vacuum behaves like eating darts and storing them in the bucket attached to the backside.

This Nerf gun vacuum toy is for NERF elite darts only; these darts have a rubber tip, so they do not hurt others. Always wear a nerf vest and goggles while playing the battles to avoid injury. Other Kids Vacuum Cleaner for toys will not work for Nerf blasters.


The most annoying part while playing is when you are out of darts, and your enemies may have many, and they keep attacking you. Keep this NERF Elite Dart Rover with you, and quickly gather more nerf darts and keep shooting. You will have more opportunities to win using this tactic.

The benefits of this Vacuum are many. From the obvious ones like teaching children how to clean the ground after the nerf party, this Vacuum is worth every penny you pay.

Best for Parents with Back Pain Issues

This product is a blessing for parents with health issues, especially back pain. No need to bend again and again to pick up the darts; roll over the NERF Dart rover on the floor and collect a lot of darts in one go. Adjust the height of the trolley handle according to your comfort level.

Below is a list of some benefits of using Nerf Dart Cleaner

  • It helps you to clean up your house in a straightforward way without pushing the furniture.
  • Being the Mom of nerf lover kids, your life will be much easier by using the nerf dart collector.
  • The vacuum cleaner comes with an attachment known as a handle, making it easier to use.
  • It is made up of high-quality materials, so you can use it for a long time without having any problems with it.
  • You do not have to worry about the batteries draining out quickly because this nerf sweeper has rechargeable batteries, which will give you power for quite some time so that you can use it continuously without having any problems with it.

The entire family will enjoy the Nerf fight game, especially during the summer. When the whole family gathers at a party, you can make it a Nerf war party by taking your nerf guns out.

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Nerf Vacuum is Essential For Gamers

Nerf Gun Bullet Vacuum is a handy nerf accessory and you can use it on any smooth surface. Rechargeable Batteries power the vacuum, so you do not have to worry about plugging it in or running out of power.

The Vacuum has an adjustable suction chamber and can hold up to 100 individual darts.

The Nerf Gun Vacuum is an excellent gift for any nerf fan, especially those who enjoy playing with friends and family. It’s also great for cleaning up your kids’ mess when they get free after playing the nerf wars.

This Nerf Rover cannot collect


Dart Rover is an excellent cleaning machine for kids who do not want to lose their nerf elite darts. Kids of all ages may use it because it is simple and easy to operate.

It’s also great for helping kids learn about how different messes need different types of cleaners. For example, for Nerf water blaster, you have to wipe out the floor after the game finishes, and in the case of Nerf gun darts, you have to pick up the darts and store them for the next war game.


The rover vacuum darts picker is very safe to use. You don’t have to be concerned about your youngster getting hurt when cleaning because it features a child-friendly design. In addition, thanks to the strong suction force, it can pick up darts from any smooth surface.

Two AA batteries are required for each cleaning session. These batteries are straightforward to find in most stores and online retailers. The battery life depends on how many nerf bullets you clean up, but it should last at least a couple of months before needing replacement.

You can, when your stairs are smooth. But, frankly, picking darts from stairs is a tough job for nerf cleaner.

It has non-slip wheels and adjustable handles, making it perfect. The Vacuum also has a mesh bag that can hold 100 darts; hence you can clean the maximum floor in no time.

The main difference is that the Nerf Elite Dart Rover is a handheld device and can only pick Elite darts, whereas most other vacuum cleaners can clean dirt and other type of mess. This means you can use it in different areas of your home without moving furniture around, which can be quite a hassle.

No, it can only collect Nerf Elite Darts. This is a major drawback of the dart collector product.

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