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How to Clean Nerf Guns? [Step by Step Guide]

After an outdoor nerf war game, the nerf guns become dirty, and requires cleaning. You can clean nerf guns with water, but you shouldn’t completely submerge them. It will damage the guns which are automatic and has a rechargeable battery.

Therefore, the users should use those steps which are safe for their guns and do not harm them. We’ll show you complete steps and tell you what tools are best for the job. You can also use gun cleaning kit, which will make your work easy.

Nerf gun cleaning kit

Steps to Clean Nerf Guns

  • Remove the batteries from the gun.
  • Clean the tip of the darts with a toothbrush, then wipe it off with a clean rag or paper towel.
  • Remove the barrel, then clean out any more filth or dirt inside with a moist cloth.
  • Blow out all of your blaster’s internal parts and ensure they’re scorched before reassembling them back together.
  • Put each blaster back together in its original order, ensuring that all pieces are securely attached to their respective spots on your blaster’s body (make sure not to mix up the nerf blaster parts).

Tools Required

Besides those methods mentioned above, there are several tools required to clean Nerf blasters. These will help you to remove dirt or debris from the guns.

1. Use Soap

The easiest and cheapest tool that everyone can use it to have water, soap, and an old rag. Clean the outside of the gun by only swapping it with the soapy rug, Then allow it to dry by laying it under the sun.

  • Sanding dust should be removed to enable better adherence.
  • Clean with soap and water after wiping down with a moist cloth.
  • Before proceeding to the following stage, ensure that every component is 100 percent dry.
  • Any areas you want to shield from paint should be taped up.
  • If you don’t want to clog up your darts, tape the top portion of the clip where the darts go.

2. Rubbery Alcohol

Using rubbery alcohol is another cheapest tool to clean the nerf guns. When some sticky debris attaches to your nerf guns, removing it proves helpful. Put rubbery alcohol on the towel and scrub it.

3. Use Baby Wipes

Baby wipes will prove fruitful in making your guns clean. You do not need extra energy because it is one of the easiest methods for this purpose.

4. Use Your Old Shirt

Sometimes, our old cloth provides excellent benefit. For example, you can use your old shirt to remove mud or sand from the gun. Also, rub your shirt on a weapon and make it look shiny as a new one.

5. Using Water to Clean

When you use spraying water bottles to wash your guns, then it will not cause any damage. But, unfortunately, the lousy result comes out when we use an extra amount of water. Sometimes, children leave them in the rain, wash them in the water tub, and then lose their pretty toys.

When you leave them in water for a long time, it causes the rusting in the guns. Nerf darts also get affected and will not work further.

You should tell the kids about the cleaning methods of nerf guns, especially about the usage of water to clean them. Little foam darts will become moist and become impossible to shoot.

If children leave their toy guns outside, parents should tell them to bring them inside so that their internal parts do not catch any dirt or get rusted.

To completely clean and dry out the Nerf gun, if it has been sitting around for a few days, you might need to disassemble it, clean it, and then allow it to air dry for a few hours or even longer. You must avoiding soaking your Nerf gun in water by all means.


You can clean and maintain your Nerf guns by following the above steps. We know it sounds daunting at first, but once you get into the groove of things, it becomes a part of your routine.

You can use tools that are cheapest and easy to use and also do not cause any damage to your guns. It is recommended that always use organic products to clean, use lubricants, do not use strong acidic solutions to clean your toys otherwise they will damage your guns.

Before using these methods, you must keep the precautions in mind to not lose your best firearms. Before long, you, too, will be proud to know that all your blasters are in working order and ready for action.


The best way to clean your Nerf Gun is with a damp cloth or your shirt. Make sure to clean your gun’s nooks and corners thoroughly. You should also clean the darts if they are dirty so they do not jam in the blaster.

It would help to disinfect your Nerf gun every week, based on how often you use it. However, if you want to keep it cleaner, then every few days is an option too.

Yes, using your Nerf gun after cleaning or storage is safe. Just ensure that the ammunition does not have any residue on them and keep them separate from other ammo types for storage purposes so that they do not mix and cause problems for future use.

Cleaning the nerf darts is recommended as it increases the life as well as efficiency of the darts. While playing nerf war games, some of your darts fell into mud, just wipe them with a clean cloth or makeup wipes works well.

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