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How to Organize Kids Toys? Best Ways to Store them

Kids love to play with toys, but they also have to be able to find them when they get bored and want to play . The best way to Organize Kids Toys is by putting everything in its place and ensuring it looks pretty organized and arranged.

We all know that toys can act as a safety blanket for our kids; it is not uncommon for them to get attached to one or two of their toys. In these cases, we need to take active steps to retrieve, repurpose, donate or trash the items so they don’t become clutter.

Organize Kids Toys

Best Ways to Organize Kids Toys

Things look pretty when they are organized. Kids’ toys must be arranged so that they can find them quickly and no one gets hurt by them if they are on the floor.

1. Place for Everything

Kids thrive structured and systematically, as you have already noticed. This indicates that the ideal method to organize children’s toys like nerf guns, laser tag sets and puzzle blocks, is to provide a location where each type of toy may be stored when not in use.

Your children will understand where to place their toys, which will make packing everything much simpler. However, the best place we considered to store toys is the kid’s bedroom, living room storage room, or closet. They can also be split in half and set aside in different locations.

2. Toy Organizer Bins

The best way to organize toys is the toy storage bins and baskets. It’s a plastic bin with a lid and a handle, which makes it easy to carry and move around your home. Any toy can go in them, including both small and large toys.

You can choose the one that best suits your needs because they come in various sizes. The buckets have dividers that keep everything organized by type of toy. If you have an extensive collection of cars, for instance, you may use one compartment for cars, another for trucks, and so on.

These containers and baskets can be used to hold additional items as well, such as books or plush toys.

3. Don’t Overfill Baskets

You can use any basket to store toys. The most crucial step is ensuring it’s big enough to accommodate the items you wish to store. It’s also essential to ensure they are easy to carry around and don’t break when getting them out from under the bed.

If you have too many toy guns, they will take up too much room and make it easier to put them away when no one is playing with them. Try to pack at most two or three toys per basket so that everything has room to breathe and fit comfortably together.

Also, ensure to fill the baskets with items your child will only use after the party ends. It would help if you also placed baskets in high-traffic areas so your kids can quickly get their toys without bending down or climbing over something else.

4. Keep Toys Storage Simple

Toys storage should be fun and manageable. However, you may know how challenging it is to keep up with your children’s toys if you have more than one. Here are some ideas for organizing a playroom for children’s toys:

Keep it Simple

Please keep all your kids’ toys in one area instead of spreading them around the house. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep things organized and find them more quickly. But, of course, you must also clean the toys before arranging them.

Get Rid of Clutter

When it comes down to it, clutter causes most kids’ toys to be forgotten about or lost altogether. Having an area designated for toys storage means that there will be no distractions from other things in your house that could easily get lost in the shuffle.

5. Build a Bookcase for Toys storage

If you’re looking for a creative way to organize kids toys, build a bookcase, like you see in a library. This is an excellent project for kids because it’s easy to do on your own, even if you’re not much of an expert.

To build the bookcase, choose where you want it to go. For example, you can use the space above your children’s beds or in another room, such as their playroom or library.

Once you’ve decided where to put your bookcase, measure the space and cut out two pieces of wood. The larger piece should be at least two inches thick so it will stay manageable when filled with toys.

Cut two more pieces of wood to fit inside each edge of the large one. In order for them to fit together tightly without disintegrating, these pieces must be slightly smaller than the edges.

Place one large piece inside each edge piece and screw them in place with screws from underneath. Next, measure and mark where you want your shelves on each side. After completing these steps, collect each type of toy separately, then put them on wooden shelves.

6. Handmade Toy Chest

It would be best if you acquired a toy chest to store children’s toys as soon as possible. Then, you can either make one yourself or buy one that has already been built.

Paint it and add a few characters to spell out your child’s name to transform it completely.

7. Use Pouches to Organize Puzzle Sets

Puzzle sets can be a considerable headache to organize, especially if your kids have lots of them. But by using pouches instead of boxes, you can make managing your puzzles much more effortless.

If you have many small puzzle pieces, the best way to keep them organized is by using a bag or pouch with dividers. This way, your kids can see what they have and how many pieces they still need.

You could also use ziplock bags to separate each set of puzzles into different bags. Make sure each bag has a label to tell which group it belongs to.

Another idea would be to use plastic drawstring bags. They’re inexpensive and easy to use but less durable than other bags because they aren’t made from sturdy material like canvas or nylon fabric.

8. Use Age Appropriate Labels

Please ensure all your kids’ toys have distinct labels so you know where they are in the room. This will also help keep them together when scattered around the house.

If you have multiple kids sharing one room, consider getting different-sized bins or baskets so each kid has their own space to play with toy guns.

9. Sort by Type of Toys

If there are several types of toys in the room, sort them by categories, such as blocks and building sets or electronics, toy guns, laser tag sets and video games.

This will make it easier for children to find what they want to play with when you’re busy with other things in your house, like dinner prep or laundry.

10. Limit the Quantity of Toys

  • Throwing away damaged and incompletely assembled toys.
  • Donating children’s toys that are still in good shape but that they have outgrown or aren’t playing.
  • Purchase less or buy only those toys which will make your kids active both mentally and physically.
  • Requesting family members to give non-toy gifts for holidays and birthdays.
  • We are putting toys aside to bring out periodically.
  • We are reducing the set’s total number of pieces.
  • For instance, you likely will only need to have some 100 blocks included with a set if you have a toddler. 20 should be the new amount.


As with any other room, an organized playroom can make your life easier. It’s nice to have a place for everything you need for your baby or toddler and to find it quickly. Kids playroom is messy room, make it beautiful by arranging toys.

Consider organizing how you take care of your little one by having different rooms for different activities such as dress-up, toys, puzzles, and books.

There are many ways to organize toys, and they all involve some degree of organization. For example, many parents use plastic bins or baskets with lids and hang their toys on the wall or in cubbies with hooks.

Others prefer baskets with drawers lined with felt or fabric for easy access. Some moms like to keep their toddler’s favorite toys together in baskets or bins so they can easily access them when playing together at home or on their own time.

The amount of space your children will require depends on how many toys they have and how much space they take up. If you have a small child, then 1-2 bins should be enough to store their toys, but if you have older children, more space will be required.

It is best to buy extra storage bins so that if one gets broken or lost, another can be used instead.

Plastic boxes and bags are great for storing toy items because they are cheap, readily available, and easy to clean. However, plastic containers do not hold up well over time, so it is best to use them for short durations if you wish to replace them regularly.

You can keep a toy box for years if you want to, but it’s really up to you, depending on how much room you have and how many toys your child owns. If your child outgrows his toys quickly, it may be best to get rid of them sooner rather than later.

However, if they seem like they’re taking up too much space or are getting in the way of other things in the house, then it might be time for an upgrade.

Keep youngsters away from anything that might be harmful. Also, keep sharp objects such as scissors and knives in a locked cabinet or box that can only be opened with a key. Store toys at places where toddlers cannot pick easily.

It is difficult to actually give a figure. You must be moderate while buying toys for kids. Always consider what your kids will learn with the toys, before purchasing it. The mental and physical health is more important than just buying them what they want.

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