Why is my Nerf Gun Charger Not Working?

If you bought a brand new automatic Nerf blaster and after unboxing, you came to know that the nerf gun charger is not working. Don’t worry, it happens sometimes due to a malfunction or some items may damage in shipment.

Your kid must be very upset if you had bought nerf gun for him. Just tell him to relax and you can order a replacement in front of him to make him calm down.


There are a few possible reasons why your Nerf Rival charger may not be working. Some possible causes include:

  • The charger may not be properly connected to a power source.
  • The battery may be inserted incorrectly into the charger.
  • The the voltage
  • The orbeez gun battery may be damaged and not able to hold a charge.
  • Ensure that you are using correct batteries that are compatible with your nerf blaster.
  • The charger itself may be malfunctioning.

It would be helpful to check these things first before trying to troubleshoot further. If the problem persists, you may need to contact the manufacturer for further assistance or to get a replacement.

How to Fix Nerf Gun Charger issue?

There is an option of returning, if you ordered online from Amazon or any other market. Even you can request for replacement if you have bought from a retail toy gun store.

Try different batteries and wait do they charge. Because there could be issue with your rechargeable nerf batteries. You have to check each and every possibility.

Different Nerf guns and blasters use different batteries, you have to double check the category of battery and the required charger.

You need 12 volts to charge the blaster, keep that in mind. If you are changing batteries, you arew actually modifying the nerf gun.

Use a Screwdriver to open the battery case at the back or top of the blaster. Press in on the battery box and it will pop out. Install fully charged nerf batteries. Slide the battery box back into the blaster until it fits in the place.

How to properly connect a nerf gun charger to a power source?

  • Locate the charging port: Find the charging port on your Nerf gun. It is usually located at the bottom of the barrel or in the battery compartment.
  • Connect the charger: Plug the charger’s cable into the charging port of your Nerf gun. Ensure that the cable is securely connected and properly aligned.
  • Check the power connection: Make sure the charger is properly connected to a power source, such as a wall outlet or a battery pack.
  • Use appropriate cables and connectors: Use a wire large enough to handle the current you want to pass through it without causing an undesirably large drop in voltage. For Nerf guns, 3/16″ is a good size for the wire. Use durable, reliable, and rated connectors, such as Deans, XT60, bullet connectors, or Powerpoles, to ensure a secure connection.

If you are using a battery pack, make sure to use a charger that is compatible with the battery pack’s voltage and charging requirements. Additionally, ensure that the wiring harness is as short and direct as possible for maximum performance, durability, and reliability.

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