How to Win a Nerf War? Learn Tactics and Strategies

Winning a nerf war is not so easy, you have to learn many battlefield strategies. Nerf guns are a great addition to the playing games of children. These games not only developed them physically but mentally as well.

Most people do not know how to win a nerf war game and attack on the target. You definitely want to know some tricks ASAP that can help you to win every time.

For this purpose, besides discussing different nerf blasters, we will provide you with Nerf battle Strategies. By applying these strategies, you can become a champion of the nerf game for large groups and can bow down your opponents.

Nerf War Tactics

Tactics and Strategies

Here are a few nerf war tactics that will assist you during match. You can confidently enter the battlefield with the courage to beat opponents and win the game.

1. Build a Base

The first and most important thing is to build a strong base. It would help if you chose that place with a back wall so you can protect yourself from the back from the attack of enemies. The side benefit is that you can place your extra weapons and store ammo to use them later.

Now you have to face the enemies from three sides, and there is no fear of getting attacked by the fourth side. You can also choose a cave to play with your friends as it is considered the best place. Your base and GPS should be coordinated well. Make sure that all team members are present there.

2. Choose the Best Nerf Weapons

After building a base, you must set some barriers to protect the walls. The most important thing is that you need to choose best nerf guns and weapons to defend yourself. Just take into consideration and select the weapons that have all the following properties:

  • The nerf gun should have an excellent capacity to hold darts.
  • It can shoot far.
  • It should have easy to load mechanism.
  • The guns and nerf blasters should not get jammed and get broken quickly.
  • If it contains the batteries, then it should be a long life.

The range of weapons also depends upon the venue you choose for the game. Long-range weapons are required for open space. Medium-range armaments are necessary for closed areas. The selection and use of firearms depend upon you.

3. Get a Nerf Backpack

The nerf players should set a backpack for them. If you have any ammo and plenty of guns, then bags make it easy to store. You can use them any time to defend yourself. If you play long nerf battles, you can also pack some refreshments for yourself, such as snacks and water.

Sometimes people go to unknown places to play fun nerf games far away from home; in this situation, you must keep your mobile and walkie-talkie with you. You can use these items if you get lost in that place.

4. Save Your Base from Attacks

Here are different strategies to defend the base from attackers. Build a nerf fort, which will protect you and your team members for attackers.


This entails launching heavy artillery fire in any direction at an approaching opponent. This will force them not to attack, and you can retreat them with the help of it. The biggest drawback is that you will fall out of darts in a short time.

You must try it, but at that time, when your enemies are in great numbers and you have multiple base defenders. But make sure to hold several weapons and darts.


You could even choose not to shoot at all. Doing this can convince your adversary to approach you from a close distance and fool them into a false sense of comfort. Once they do, you can quickly start firing, improving your accuracy.

Employ specific pre-mag strikes or two Vulcans as your most potent defence against an opponent. Make sure your weapons are always pre-pumped. If you are sure your guns are always pre-pumped then you decide to use mag strikes.

5. Build Fear in Enemy

Try to disturb your enemy and build a fear so that he gets puzzled and plays some foul shots. Move some feet forward, increase the fire rate, and several ammo. Do not tell your enemy how much ammo you have because he will become defensive and attack you when you run out of ammo.

6. Reloading Nerf Guns

People are capable of doing absurd things in the heat of battle, such as attempting to reload a clip with live ammunition. Remember that you can fire even if your hook is not entirely complete. Filling in the middle of a battle will only result in you being tagged out.

Do not do this, I repeat. Insert your half-full clip and shoot if you notice someone approaching you. Better still, make sure you always have a few whole clips on hand in your combat belt. In this manner, you can drop a full one and bother about reloading once you are secure in your base.

7. Divide Your Team

This is a great tactic to divide your team into three parts defensive and two parts offensive. The defence will hold major routes while the offensive protects the smaller ones. If the offensive succeeds, the opposing team should attempt to overrun the core defence.

The opponent is then surrounded by the defenders from the front when this occurs. The offensive unit will then emerge behind the opposing team, take up strategic lines, and engage the opposition from behind.

If your plan is successful, it will leave your enemy surrounded and empty, and you can win the war.

8. Use Code Language and Carry Light

You must set some code language before entering the battlefield. Then you can change the strategy by using these signals. If you shout, your enemy will hear, and he becomes alert.

Use little and easy code words that you can easily remember and do not cause any confusion in understanding the signal.

Do not carry too much weight while playing. How can you handle the weight and pressure of the game altogether? If you bend down while running, you will be tagged out quickly and lose the battle.

9. Hit-N-Run

This strategy can either be daring or reckless. Use it accordingly. You run up to an enemy dugout, fire once or twice, and then dash back to cover in this dangerous manoeuvre. Consistently doing this confuses the adversary and works well against them.

10. Role of Commander

If you are ruling the team and playing the role of commander, then you must take good decisions. You are responsible for leading and encouraging them to win the game. We are also providing some commander strategies that will prove beneficial in a time of thrill.

But make sure that your team is working well and that they are active and confident in their work. Your first task is to assign the position to all team members.


Snipers are skilled shooters with the ability to aim precisely in tight situations. They will serve as your covert eyes, allowing you to observe without being seen. The trees are an excellent location for sniper positions.

Above the chaos reduces stress and offers a better vision to improve accuracy. In general, snipers succeed when they use a double shot.


Like their weapons, spies should be stealthy and small. They are responsible for alerting the team about impending ambushes and keeping responsibility to alert the team about impending traps and keeping them updated on the location of the enemy.

Spies should have nerf gun which has a scope in addition to a single-shot handgun.

Ammo Collector

Assign the duty to one of the team members to collect the ammo. It has a little bit of importance. It will not let the ammo shortage, and you can win the battle. Everyone can use dart collector machine to quickly gather all the darts.


Defender is the most crucial position, and all defenders have weapons and storage of ammo which they can utilize to defend the baseline. Additionally, commanders need to remember to rotate the duties of their soldiers.

It will maintain your team members’ interest and teach them strategies that will help them all improve their NERFing abilities.

11. Crossfire and Blitzkrieg

Crossfire is a remarkable tactic where players stand in similar positions and crossfire. Then the foe does not find a place to escape or fire at them.

Encircle them to declare war in melee. These are the best ever-strategies that you should know if you are a nerf lover.


Ensure that you are equipped with all essential nerf guns accessories and attachments to help you win the battle. You must also learn about their dart capacity, shooting range, or firing mechanism.


The best weapon to play in the nerf war is mega blaster. These nerf blasters have come with clips to hold the darts. It would help if you chose guns with a giant dart storage capacity. Moreover, you can select your favourite ammo for your game.

Your blaster must be durable, easy to use, and have the perfect shooting range to aim at your target and win the battle.

It depends on your friends, family circle, and interest in nerf war. If they are ready to play with you, you should make a group of 5 people and set the rules for playing. Allow everyone to bring the same number of guns; however, these can be different to make them more attractive.

  1. Megalodon Nerf N-Strike Blaster.
  2. Nerf Elite Demolisher
  3. Nerf-N-Strike
  4. Nerf Zombie Strike Flipfury Blaster
  5. Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm
  6. Nerf Fortnite RL Blaster
  7. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster
  8. Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader
  9. Nerf Doomlands 2169 Lawbringer Blaster
  10. Nerf Doomlands 2169 Vagabond Blaster

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