How to Stop Orbeez from Smelling? [Cleaning Gel Balls]

Orbeez grows in water and can expand mutiple times to their original size. They need great care, and you should replace the water regularly and always soak them in fresh water to stop orbeez from smelling bad.

Sometimes children forget to replace water, and as a result, the bad smell will come, and often bad bacteria can attack them. Make sure, do not eat the smelly gel balls as they became toxic and sometime poisonous.

There are many people who found out a very bad smell in their orbeez. But no need to worry anymore because we are here to help you. The best answer to clean gel balls is to first find out the reason of smell.

Clean Gel Balls and Water Beads
Wash Gel Balls to Clean
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Reasons of Smell in Water Beads

The reason why your water beads smell is because of bacteria growing in them, and this is called mold growth. Mold spores are naturally found in moist environments like bathrooms and kitchens, just like anything else in nature, so don’t worry if this happens to your water beads.

The problem comes when these spores produce an unpleasant odor or even worse. The only way to stop gel balls from smelling is to wash them with water. This will prove very helpful. Otherwise, throw those balls away that is covered with mold, so they do not affect others.

When you place water beads in plants pot and forgot to change water, they will release pungent smell and also bad for plants growth.

Why it smells bad from orbeez?

They smell lousy when you leave the orbeez in the same water for several days and do not change it. If you want to prevent this smell, wash them with cold water, or apply a mixture of water and vinegar and detergent. If you still find a smell, check if there is any mold orbeez and throw them out.

Do water beads become stale?

Water beads can become moldy and stale if placed in a bin for a few days without water. They could become slimy if left outside. If you want to dispose of them, throw them in the dustbin.

If you treat gel balls roughly, they will crack and shrink quickly. So, you must take good care of your orbeez balls to keep them shiny and colorful.

Cleaning Gel Balls

Gel balls cleaning is very important to keep them healthy, shiny and growing. It also help them to grow rapidly and their lifespan also increases. The basic method of cleaning is just washing the gel balls with fresh water.

Clean orbeez with fresh water

How can bleach help to get rid of molds?

Bleach: Sodium hypochlorite is the bleach active’s ingredient that eliminates the mold and smells from orbeez.

Toothbrush: If you find that only a small area of orbeez is affected by mold, then you can use a toothbrush to clean that part.

How can Orbeez be sterilized?

The gel beads can be cleaned and reused by drying them in the sun for few time to make them shrink and dehydrate their dirty water or, in the winter, by placing them before a dehumidifier.

What are the best storage place for orbeez, so they don’t smell?

Children need to place the orbeez balls in the right place after playing with them. First, dry them by putting them in the sunlight and then place them in an airtight container or in special bottles with lids.

But make sure that they do not come in contact with environment that is not suitable for them. Please store them properly to ensure their long lifespan.

Use Air Freshener to Get rid of the smell

If you feel moldy smells from the orbeez, you can get rid of them using an air freshener. However, it is only a short-term fix for your issue. These things may momentarily cover up the musty odor, but they will return once the air freshener or other odors have worn off.

Air fresheners include plug-in and spray versions of Febreze or other odor-removing sprays. You can get rid of orbeez which are broken by throwing them in dustbin after wrapping them in plastic so that they cannot get in contact with water.

How to make air fresheners from water beads?

Scented Orbeez are a popular DIY air freshener option. You can also make your own air freshener orbeez, you will need the following:

  • Into a large dish, add the water beads. After that, add a lot of water.
  • Leave them for about 6 to 10 hours!
  • Now choose your fragrant oil from a large basin.
  • Add the oils until the fragrance is intense.
  • Pick out your container, then stuff it with the fragrant beads!
Gel Beads Air Freshener

Do Orbeez Mold?

Water beads are safe to use, and they do not contain any harmful chemicals. The only thing that can cause the odor is bacteria. This can be caused by mold. If your water beads have a slimy feeling, throw them out and replace them with new ones.

Home Remedies to Remove Mildew Smells from Orbeez

If you have an abundance of orbeez and they are starting to smell, you can do a few things. If you have a mildew smell in your orbeez, it can happen that the problem is not with the soft balls but rather with the water supply.

The first thing to do is test this by running some clean water through water beads. If it has been long enough, there should be no signs of mildew at all. If there are still signs of mildew, your filtration system needs cleaning or something wrong with how it works.

Another way to remove mildew smells from orbeez is by using fragrant oils. These oils will remove the smells from gel beads to a large extent.

Several other methods can be used to remove the Smell of mildew, including:

  • Washing the orbeez in vinegar and water.
  • Drying them thoroughly after washing them.
  • Using a combination of bleach and water.

Final Words

Orbeez and water beads are fun to use, but if they do not care for properly, mold will develop in them. Or when you dispose of them, they also produce a bad smell. If you don’t want your orbeez to smell, ensure the container is airtight.

When you throw them out, wrap them in a plastic bag and dispose of them. Only disposed of gel beads when they are crushed or damaged, and take proper precautionary step.


During playing with gel blasters, the gel balls can break down into pieces upon collision. Collect the broken orbeez and clean them. Throw them into the trash and do not dispose of them in bathroom, as it will cause several problems and block the pipes due to their gel nature.

Examine the balls and gather all which are fine and can be used again. Sanitize them with a water and vinegar mixture for better cleaning.

Orbeez grows by putting them in water and if you want to dry them to get to their normal size. Then place them in exposure to sunlight so that they shrink and you can store them.

After drying them, please put them in a container and store them for after use. Orbeez can last for about one year if you use them with great care.

You do not need to vacuum them as you can easily pick up the broken orbeez. Just collect them and throw them away in the trash.

Always wash the orbeez with fresh water, or you can apply cold water but never use soap to wash them. These water balls are shiny and do not need to be washed with soap, as chemicals will damage them.

Soap has acetic acid in it, which is strong in nature. It may crack the balls.

Sanitization is considered the best method to clean water beads. Orbeez can get mold; if you do not throw them and place them for a longer time, it causes a bad smell. You can sanitize them by using a mixture of vinegar and water solution and cleaning them thoroughly.

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