How to Get More Velocity on a Nerf Rival Gun?

Nerf Rival guns are a popular choice for kids and adults alike who enjoy playing with toy guns. To increase the velocity of a Nerf Rival gun, there are several methods that can be used.

One way is to upgrade the spring inside the gun, which is responsible for propelling the rival rounds out of the barrel.

Changing the velocity and range of nerf gun needs some modifications. This article will discuss several methods for getting more velocity out of your Nerf Rival gun.

Steps to Increase Velocity of Nerf Gun

1. Upgrade the Spring

The spring inside your Nerf Rival gun is responsible for propelling the rival rounds out of the barrel. A stronger spring will increase the velocity of the nerf rifle.

Upgrading the spring can be a bit tricky, as it requires disassembling the gun. It is recommended to seek out a Nerf professional to upgrade the spring if you’re not familiar with the process.

2. Use Heavier Darts

Using heavier darts with strong springs will increase the shooting power of nerf blaster. Heavier darts will require more energy to propel them out of the barrel.

Keep in mind that using heavier darts can also increase the recoil of the gun, so it’s important to practice proper shooting techniques to avoid the jerk.

3. Use a Higher Voltage Battery

The battery in your Nerf Rival gun provides the power to the motor that propels the nerf bullet. Using a higher voltage battery will increase the speed of the motor, which in turn will increase the shooting speed of the gun.

It is important to note that using a higher power nerf battery can also increase the risk of overheating, so make sure to monitor the gun’s temperature and take appropriate precautions.

4. Use a Tightbore Barrel

A tightbore barrel is a type of barrel that is designed to reduce the amount of air resistance the nerf dart encounters as it leaves the barrel. This can increase the velocity of the dart and make the gun more accurate.

5. Perform Regular Maintenance and cleaning

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Nerf Rival gun in good working condition. Cleaning the gun and lubricating the moving parts can help to increase the performance of the nerf weapon.


In this article we have described several methods for increasing the velocity of your nerf darts, including upgrading the spring, using heavier darts, using a higher voltage battery, using a tight bore barrel, and performing regular maintenance.

These methods can help you get more velocity out of your Nerf Rival gun, but it is important to take precautionary steps and practice proper shooting techniques.


Upgrading the spring in your Nerf Rival gun can void the warranty, so it is important to check the terms of your warranty before making any modifications to the gun.

Yes, you can use a higher voltage battery without upgrading the spring, however, it is important to monitor the gun’s temperature. But it is not recommended to just use high-power battery and keep all the other things the same.

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