How to Increase FPS on Nerf Gun? [100 % Working]

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to increase FPS on your Nerf gun! If you’re a Nerf player, looking to enhance the performance of your blaster, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive article, we will discuss various methods and techniques that can help you achieve higher FPS and maximize the potential of your Nerf gun. If you’re a casual player or a competitive Nerf warrior, these tips and tricks will give you the edge you need to dominate your battles.

Understanding FPS

Before we dive into the strategies, let’s start by understanding what FPS means in the context of Nerf guns. FPS (feet per second) refers to the speed at which a dart or foam projectile leaves the barrel of a blaster.

It directly affects the distance, accuracy, and impact of your shots. High fps nerf guns have more power, longer range, and better performance overall.

Upgrading the Spring

One of the most effective ways to boost FPS is by upgrading the spring in your Nerf gun. The stock springs that come with most blasters are designed for general use and often limit the power output. By replacing the stock spring with a stronger one, you can significantly increase the FPS.

There are various aftermarket springs available in different strengths, so make sure to choose one that is compatible with your blaster and suits your desired level of power.

Upgrading nerf gun spring

Modifying the Dart Barrel

Another method to improve FPS is by modifying the dart barrel of your Nerf gun. The dart barrel plays a crucial role in guiding and propelling the foam darts.

By making certain modifications, such as reducing air restrictions and improving airflow, you can optimize the dart’s trajectory and increase the FPS.

However, it’s important to note that barrel modifications may require advanced skills and should be done with caution.

Enhancing Airflow

Improving airflow within your Nerf gun can have a significant impact on FPS. There are several ways to achieve this. One method is to remove any unnecessary air restrictors present in the blaster.

These restrictors are often installed to comply with safety regulations but can impede airflow and limit FPS.

Another technique is to use a larger barrel diameter, which allows more air to flow around the dart, resulting in increased power. Additionally, ensuring a tight seal between the plunger tube and the barrel can prevent air leakage and maximize FPS.

Utilizing Upgraded Components

Upgrading various components of your Nerf gun can contribute to higher FPS. Upgraded flywheels and motors, for example, can provide more power and spin to the dart, resulting in increased velocity.

Additionally, using high quality foam darts specifically designed for performance can also make a difference. These darts are often more durable and have better aerodynamic properties, leading to improved FPS and accuracy.

Fine-Tuning the Blaster

Apart from the major modifications mentioned above, there are several minor adjustments you can make to fine-tune your Nerf gun and optimize its performance.

These include cleaning and lubricating the internal mechanisms to reduce friction, aligning the barrel with precision, and ensuring the dart pusher operates smoothly. Paying attention to these details can enhance FPS and overall functionality.

Safety Considerations

While increasing FPS can be exciting and provide advantages in Nerf battles, it’s essential to prioritize safety at all times. Always follow proper safety guidelines, both during modifications and while engaging in Nerf wars.

Be aware of the potential risks associated with higher FPS, such as increased impact and the potential for injury if not used responsibly. Make sure to use appropriate eye protection and communicate safety rules to all participants.


You now have a comprehensive understanding of increasing FPS of your Nerf gun. By implementing the strategies mentioned in this guide, you can elevate your Nerf game to the next level.

Remember always do modifications with caution and always prioritize safety. With the right upgrades and adjustments, your Nerf blaster will become more powerful. Get ready to dominate and have a blast with your high-performance Nerf gun!

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