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Can you 3D Print a Nerf Gun?

Yes, you can 3D print Nerf guns and darts. There are numerous designs available for 3D-printed Nerf blasters, and many creators offer 3D files, parts kits, or complete blasters for printing.

As you may already know, the Nerf brand is the leading brand in toy blasters. Making a 3D Nerf Gun at home has been quite popular among Nerf lovers. Playing with Nerf Guns is not only great for outdoor Nerf Wars, but it can also be used to take your game to the next level.

People get bored with simple Nerf Guns; now they want something unique which are perfect for aiming. Buying a nerf gun every time is expensive, why not print them in your basement with few tools.

Creating 3D printed nerf sniper rifles needs some experience and tools, like electronic items, batteries, springs, gun frame, nerf barrel, nerf magazine etc. So you’ve decided to learn about 3D-printed nerf darts and want to know if it’s possible to 3D print a nerf gun.

Let me tell you this is possible, but a handful of factors need to be considered before 3D printing toys.

3D Printed Nerf Blasters

Manufacturing using 3D printers are common these days due to the technology evolution. Games and technicians are making toys using 3D printing technology and people are loving it as they are cheap.

You can also make your desired toy gun with enhanced features, you can also call them mod nerf guns.

Jolt Dart Blasters

Jolt dart blasters are best when you are short of your Nerf Gun and looking for a new handy gun. But the only problem is that it has only one dart. You can save some valuable spares with this mod for these last-ditch circumstances.

This holder fits snugly on top of the Jolt’s barrel and enables you to always have two additional darts on hand and prepared for use.

Foam Dart Blaster

You can 3D print your foam dart blaster. Undoubtedly your aim for perfection will increase, and you can beat your enemies with the help of it. It does not require special ammunition and fire darts up to 50 ft. It is a little nerf gun that is compatible with other nerf darts.

Revolving Blowgun

Some people 3D print Nerf blowguns with the help of PVC pipe. The designer thought this approach to be a good one despite having mediocre reload times and fire velocity. You can quickly fire opponents and has a 6-cylinder revolver that is present at the end of the pipe.

It enhances its features, such as magnets, to handle the firearm in its place. The main barrel is also attached to it.

Nerf Gun Parts and Accessories

Nerf Ammo

Different series of Nerf Guns have different types of ammunition, such as Nerf Mega Darts, whistler darts, and traditional powerful Nerf Blasters. The small foam darts are the other ammo for the Nerf rival series.

Unfortunately, these 3D-printed nerf accessories can cause injury because they are made of hard plastic. Therefore, foam darts are best in place of them as they are made of soft foam material. But remember to wear eye protection before playing.

Even though the designer gave no printing recommendations, one Maker shared a fantastic print of the Rival ammo and described a few print parameters they employed. These parameters include a 10% infill and a 0.2 mm sheet thickness, with supports turned on but no raft.

Magazine with Printed Spring

Magazines, also known as clips or darts holders, play the most critical role in brutal wars such as nerf outdoor wars. These items are needed most, and we should have plenty of them. So you should print nerf gun to have plenty of it.

At first, the bespoke spring required for this model could have been challenging to make, but now you can print the spring and the rest of the design courtesy of Thingiverse user DaDave.

Maverick Easy Reload Mod

This model is perfect for small kids and is free from any physical challenge, such as pulling back the slide to reload the gun. Instead, it has a lever system that provides relaxation and upgrades the Nerf gun.

To facilitate reloading more straightforwardly, the design even has a handle. The project scope statement claims that even the creator’s 3-year-old can reload the rifle with this update. Three hex-head bolts and a few 3D-printed nerf gun parts are required for the upgrade to function.

Dart Repairing

Suppose you are playing the Nerf war and have shot all of your enemies; only one is left. You left no dart and searched for darts lying on the floor and hiding in a place.

Meanwhile, your enemy approaches you and fires the last shot, losing the game. It causes a lot of frustration and creates the ease of repairing already broken darts. It will save you from loss.

Dart Cartridge Attachment

One of the worst things that can happen in a Nerf war is running out of ammunition. This variant allows you to keep three extra darts per item on your nerf kit. Three dart storage holes and a small gap for attaching to a belt or pocket make up the attachment’s relatively straightforward design.

Given the design’s simplicity and lack of overhangs, you shouldn’t require any reinforcements as long as you position the model such that the top of the clamp section is facing up. Printing should be easy.

Adjustable Laser Sight

Lasers play an important role in looking for the path of darts. Adjustable laser sight attachment has a 3D printable rail mount, laser device, and screws. The laser device is placed on the support, and you can adjust it with the help of screws.

The designer created the 3D-printed nerf revolver component utilized in this laser design using a 20% infill density, no reinforcements, and a 0.35 mm layer height. He also suggested covering the print with a brim. Laser tag sets are widely loved by gamers, who love to battle in arena.

Nerf Dart Warhead

These attachments are the most fun, and you can load bang snaps of nerf darts. It has excellent explosion over hard surfaces. It will undoubtedly frighten and draw the attention of your adversaries. This is the most amusing of the unique Nerf gun modifications on our list for trick-or-treaters.

Tactical Scope

If you are experienced and want to line up the shot, this tactical scope is specially designed for you. This sight attaches to the tactical rail in front of most Nerf guns and provides a reticle to help you focus on your next target.

It consists of four parts that can be assembled later with glue. This sniper will provide you with great Nerf war experience infield or outfield. The tactical scope is elementary and functional.

Dart Holder

Stop finding the darts on the floor if you run out of them during the war. Dart holder nerf attachment is a blessing in disguise. It can hold up to 6, 8, or 10 darts. It is interchangeable and functional with any Nerf gun with a utility rail since it fastens to the tactical rail of the weapon.


3D printing is evolving quickly as more and more applications are discovered daily. Nerf toys are being made electronically, and even some DIY kits to create your spare parts for your nerf pistol using 3D printing.


Yes! The 3D printed toy guns are not just for adults anymore. Kids love using it too! They can create everything from figurines to toys and even furniture. Of course, you have to ensure they don’t use anything without adult supervision.

Yes, nerf darts, ammo and bullets can be created with 3D printers but they will be hard as they are made up of plastic. If we shoot hard nerf darts, it will

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