Nerf Accessories and Attachments – Best Nerf Tools

Nerf Accessories and Attachments are necessary to play nerf games at home or in arena. To get a better experience of playing nerf war or Nerf blaster game, you need some additional Nerf tools to spice up your battle.

Sometimes nerf games become boring, so to add some extra fun we need some items that will make the game more exciting, tough and professional looking.

Nerf Accessories
Nerf Accessories

Some of the nerf war accessories are for the safety of my kids like a vest, goggles, and helmet. As a parent, the safety of my kids is my first priority and I don’t let anybody hurt my kids with Nerf darts as they can damage their eyes.

List of Nerf Gun Accessories

Nerf Kit

To get the actual feeling of Nerf war game you have to gear up in warrior mode, having a complete nerf kit is the primary thing, a camouflage suit is the best choice to look like a commando. A nerf kit is a complete package for nerf players.

Nerf Vest

Wearing Nerf Vest will make your nerf game more interesting and easy. It has pockets and pouches where you can store extra ammo, darts, and magazines. Most of the Nerf jackets fit everyone as they are adjustable.

The vest is also named as Nerf jacket and you must wear it before the game. As Nerf fan, you should wear a tactical vest, because they make you look really cool, and it also give you real advantages.

Nerf Darts

Nerf gun ammo for blasters is the basic thing you need for Nerf war. You need a variety of ammo and nerf darts depending upon your blaster guns. Big guns use High-Impact rounds, which are not suitable for younger kids.

Picking up darts after the game is one of the toughest jobs to do. Thanks for the Nerf vacuum rover that will quickly collect all the darts scattered on the floor. Best product for the parents, as they have to keep the house clean from darts.

Nerf Rival Rounds

Rival rounds are high impact balls designed for use with Nerf Rival blasters. They come in various refill packs, such as 25-round, 30-round, 50-round, and 60-round packs, and are compatible with different Rival guns.

The rounds are known for their precision, power, and consistent flight. Some variants, like the Nerf Rival AccuRounds, feature an enhanced aerodynamic design and dimple pattern to provide more accurate shots

Nerf Hyper Rounds – Soft Balls

Nerf guns are of different types, some shoot darts, and some guns shoot nerf balls. By looking at nerf history, nerf balls were created before nerf guns and were considered a wonderful invention.

These softballs do not hurt kids or adults and are safe to play indoors. These balls are a little different from Orbeez balls, that are soft jelly like balls.

Nerf Goggles

To keep your eyes safe from hitting darts or laser light (in case you are playing a laser tag game), the kids must wear nerf glasses, which will protect their eyes.

If you are playing outdoors, the wind or air won’t affect your eyes otherwise you have to rub your eyes again and again, which will make you distracted from the game.

Barrel Extensions

These are attachments that can be added to the end of a blaster’s barrel to improve accuracy or add a unique look to the blaster.

Nerf Helmet

If your kids have a collection of Nerf guns and blasters, you need a specific nerf storage rack or gun wall where you can hang all the nerf accessories in order. You can easily make a nerf wall at home without much effort. You can make it in your kids’ room or in the basement.

Nerf Barrels

You need different Nerf barrel sets for nerf guns for indoors and outdoors. Some barrels have an accuracy of firing darts and some have a velocity of shooting. Depending on your war game idea, you must choose a specific barrel for a specific war situation.

If you want to increase the nerf dart range, you must use appropriate Nerf barrels and modify your nerf guns to fire bullets at longer distances.

Nerf Dart Rover

This machine works like a vacuum cleaner or a carpet cleaner and it collects nerf darts scattered on the floor. You don’t have to manually pick up darts, rather this rover rolls over to darts and is stored in the bucket attached to it.

This darts picker is an amazing product for parents and workers of nerf arena, if they want to get rid of manual darts picking.

Nerf Magazines

Nerf magazines come in different darts storage capacities. Darts are stacked in the magazines and it is put in the nerf gun for shooting. Have some additional magazines with you for nerf game, so that you are not out of ammo while playing.

Nerf Keychains

Everyone uses keychains in their daily life. Why not you use Nerf blaster keychains if you are a Nerf fan. Put your keys in the dart keychain and let everybody know you love to nerf blasters. It shoots small foam balls instead of darts.

Nerf Bags

It is like a storage bag to keep your darts organized and stored. You can put your nerf guns, blasters, and darts in this bag and carry it to the battlefield.

Nerf Elite Digital Target

If you need a target for your nerf practice, this digital target will help you to make your aim sharp. It is equipped with an LCD and sound mechanism so that when you hit the target it makes a sound and also this screen shows the points when you are playing alone or in the form of teams.

It is battery-powered and can be used in a stand-alone position as well as wall mounted.

Nerf Tools

Simple tools are required to repair your nerf blaster which includes a screwdriver, glue gun, cleaning kit, and a few other household items.

Nerf Attachments

Modern Nerf guns have many attached items like extra ammo, darts straps, and mega blaster straps to have the maximum fun. Nerf gun attachments will give you an amazing feel of adventure and nerf war.

Nerf Strap

Strap is like a belt so you can load yourself with ammo and darts. Some straps some with mega nerf guns so that you can easily hold the gun and it has pockets where you can place darts and nerf balls.

Others are simple straps that you can put like a belt and it has sections where you can add extra darts like a magazine of a gun.


Nerf weapons and famous all over the world and kids and parents are both crazy to shoot darts with amazing powerful blasters. To gain maximum fun , you need few nerf accessories and attachments, which will make your gaming experience amazing.

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