Best Gatling Nerf Guns

Among the variety of Nerf guns available, Gatling Nerf guns stand out for their rapid fire capabilities and distinctive design. These guns are known for their unique mechanism that mimics the legendary Gatling guns used in the late 1800s.

Overall Best

Gatling Toy Gun

Gatling Toy Gun

X Shot Excel Omega Foam Dart Blaster

X Shot Excel Omega Foam Dart Blaster

Commando Scorpion Blaster

Dart Zone Super Commando

They typically feature multiple rotating barrels that allow for a continuous shooting of foam darts. This rapid-fire action sets them apart from other Nerf guns and adds an extra layer of excitement to Nerf wars.

The barrels rotate when the trigger is pulled, and each barrel is loaded with foam darts, making them ideal for both offense and defense play style.

Top Picks for the Best Nerf Gatling Guns

Gatling Toy Gun

It features automatic gatling blasting with a 6-dart rotating drum, allowing for continuous fire without reloading. The gun comes with 80 suction cup darts. The shooting range is more than 40 feet. It features a rotating barrel with light and sound mode.

The chain can hold 60 nerf bullets, which is enough for any nerf war game. This is one of the most expensive nerf guns with tripod, light and handling features.

X Shot Excel Omega Foam Dart Blaster

The X Shot Excel Omega Blaster, created by ZURU, is a high powered toy. It is a belt-fed blaster, with a 30-dart capacity, which allows uninterrupted dart blasting without constant reloading. It delivers impressive firepower, shooting darts up to 90 feet, ensuring thrilling long-range battles.

The slam-fire feature lets users fire up to 4 darts per second. An auto-rotating barrel adds realism to the experience, and its large dart capacity and high quality construction, ensures durability during intense play.

DART ZONE Super Commando Scorpion Blaster

This set includes a full-auto motorized Scorpion Blaster, two 18-round ammo belts, three foam targets, and 36 Super Darts.

The blaster is fully automatic and can fire 18 Super Darts in under 18 seconds,. The shooting range is up to 80 feet. It requires 6 AA batteries for operation which are not included.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster

The Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 toy blaster is a fully motorized blaster featuring a 50-dart drum for rapid firing. It comes with 50 official Nerf Elite darts, providing ample ammunition to fully load the blaster’s drum.

This elite blaster also includes a spinning barrel and equipped with a shoulder strap for easy handling during intense battles. The official Elite Nerf darts are specially designed for impressive shooting range, performance and quality.


These Nerf guns offer several advantages that make them a popular choice among Nerf enthusiasts. These advantages include:

  • Rapid Fire: These blasters can shoot a barrage of foam darts in seconds, giving you a significant advantage over your opponents.
  • Impressive Ammo Capacity: Some models have large ammo drums, allowing you to keep firing without reloading again and again.
  • Intimidation Factor: The sight and sound of a spinning barrel and rapid fire can strike fear into your opponents.
  • Endless Fun: These mega blasters provide hours of entertainment, making them perfect for Nerf battles or casual play.

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