Fun Things to do with Orbeez

Water beads, also known as Orbeez, are small, soft colorful balls that can absorb water and expand to many times their original size. They can be used in a variety of ways for fun, educational, science experiments and decorative purposes.

They can be used in plants pots, arts and crafts, or even put into an Orbeez Gun to shoot at your friends. Playing with the colorful polymer balls is a fun thing to do.

Games and Life Hacks with Orbeez

Here are a few ideas for things you can do with water beads:

1. Sensory Play

Water beads are great for sensory play because they have a unique texture and feel. Children can explore the beads with their hands, feet, or other body parts, or you can set up a sensory table or bin for them to play in.

Kids can play with giant orbeez as they play with football or a soft baseball. You can make giant orbeez at home easily all you need is dry orbeez, container and water so that you can hydrate them. Toddlers love to grab them and enjoy rolling gel balls.

Water bead sensory bottles

Fill a plastic bottle with water beads and a few drops of food coloring to create a colorful and calming sensory bottle. You can also make orbeez with simple DIY steps.

2. Water bead crafts

Use water beads to create colorful crafts such as jewelry, ornaments, or decorations for a party or event. You can create a diamond like necklace by threading the water beads.

3. Orbeez Games

There are many games you can play with water beads or jelly balls, such as water bead treasure hunt, water bead catch, and water bead race.

Orbeez Race

Divide players into teams and give each team a small cup filled with water beads. Players must race to transfer the beads from one cup to another using only a spoon or using chopsticks.

Orbeez Games

Orbeez guessing game

Fill a clear jar or container with water beads and have players try to guess how many beads are inside. The player who correctly guess, will be the winner and take the prize.

Gel Beads Treasure Hunt

Hide small objects or treasures in a sensory bin filled with water beads and have players search for the hidden items. You can hide small objects like coin, keys, ring or any other transparent item.

4. Orbeez in Plant Pots

You can put them in plant pots and grow plants in them. Their ability to absorb moisture will help to grow plants quickly. Mix Orbeez in the soil and provide water to them. In the presence of sunlight, these gel balls dehydrate and provide their water to soil and plants.

5. Stress balls

Fill a balloon with water beads and tie it off to create a squishy stress ball. There are tons of amazing health benefits of using stress balls. These fluffy balls will release your tension and stress during work and also improve your hands strength if you ever encountered hand paralysis issue.

6. Water beads Vases

Fill a vase or jar with water beads and place flowers or other decorative items on top to create a unique and colorful display. You can also use different colors of water beads to create a beautiful and unique centerpiece for your home.

Water bead vases are relatively easy to care for and can last for several weeks with proper care. Water bead vases can be used to add a splash of color to a room or event, and they can also be used as a decorative element in floral arrangements.

You’ll need to refill the water in the vase periodically to keep the beads hydrated.

7. Orbeez Science Experiments

You can perform several science fair projects for school using orbeez and mixing up with different chemicals like bleach, salt water and vinegar. You can make them grow faster using various tips and tricks.

Add water beads in coke, put iron on orbeez and show the result by making a video.

8. Orbeez Spa

Add a few scoops of water beads to a tub of warm water to create a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience. Kids and girls can use small, colorful, soft and squishy balls for orbeez hand spa and body massage.

The Orbeez Spa kit comes with a foot spa, a pedicure station and a variety of accessories to create a luxurious spa experience. You need to dispose of orbeez, once you are done.

It also includes a variety of scented Orbeez balls to add a relaxing aroma to your bathing experience. Kids can use the water beads spa to give each other pedicures, create colorful designs and even use the gel balls as a massage tool.

Orbeez Spa Instructions

  1. Fill the bath tub with warm water and add the scented Orbeez.
  2. Place your feet in the foot spa and enjoy the relaxing sensation of the Orbeez on your feet.
  3. Use the included tools to create fun designs with the Orbeez or give each other pedicures.
  4. Use the Orbeez as a massage tool to relieve stress.
  5. When you’re finished, drain the water and store the Orbeez in the container.

9. Orbeez Light Box

Take a glass or plastic box and add LED lights on the corners to create a stunning lightbox. Now add colorful water beads in it and turns on the light. It will cerate such an impact that orbeez are glowing, can be used as a decoration piece for a party or date night.

10. Orbeez Slime

To make Orbeez slime, you’ll need to hydrate the Orbeez by soaking them in water for several hours or overnight. Once the Orbeez are fully hydrated, you can drain off the excess water and mix the Orbeez with a slime activator, such as glue or liquid starch.

You can also add food coloring or glitter to the Orbeez slime to give it a unique look. Once you’ve mixed all the ingredients together, you’ll need to knead the slime until it reaches the desired consistency.

Water beads slime can be a fun and sensory activity for children and adults, and it can be molded and shaped in a variety of ways. This easy DIY slime activity will make you confident to create different fun things.

11. Orbeez Cupcakes

Orbeez cupcakes are a fun and creative craft project that can be made using Orbeez beads and a few other supplies. To make water bead cupcakes, you will need:

  • Orbeez balls
  • Clear plastic cups
  • Cupcake liners
  • Decorative items such as glitter, sequins, and small toys
  • A tray or plate to hold the cupcakes

To make the decoration cupcakes, follow these steps:

  1. Soak the Orbeez beads in water for several hours until they have fully expanded.
  2. Place a cupcake liner in the bottom of each plastic cup.
  3. Add the expanded Orbeez beads to the cups, filling them about halfway.
  4. Add any decorative items you would like to include in your cupcakes.
  5. Place the cups on a tray or plate to display your Orbeez cakes.
  6. You can get creative with this craft project and customize your cupcakes with different colors of Orbeez beads and decorative items.

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