How to Perform Orbeez Experiments

Orbeez are soft, bouncy balls made of water-absorbent polymer. Kids can perform several orbeez experiments and science fair projects at home or at school. Making gel balls is itself a science experiment.

You can play lot of games with these soft balls, after playing, you can also dry them by exposing them to the sunlight. After them, you can also store them in a closed container. These are multicolored balls that give the shade of every color.

The color and bouncy nature of gel balls have attracted a lot of children, and now people are doing several experiments with them. It seems interesting to experiment with these small water balls. Let’s discuss some of the best gel balls science experiments in detail.

8 Satisfying Gel Balls Science Experiments

There are a lot of health benefits of playing with stress balls. Rather than the physical aspects, these balls have also mental and emotional aspects. You can release tension by DIY projects and patients can overcome their anxiety and depression.

1. Orbeez Bulb Experiment

  • Take a light bulb and remove the lids from its back. Now take a scissor and cut all of its wires.
  • Make it empty from the inside. Now it will look like a jar.
  • Take growing water beads into a jug without water.
  • Now fill this empty bulb with orbeez completely. You can use it for decoration purposes.

2. Coca cola Experiment

It is another water beads science experiment that is interesting. This orbeez coke experiment is simple: grow orbeez in Coca-Cola! The goal here is to see if you can grow them in Coca-Cola.

Ingredients for Science Project:

  • Coca-Cola (1 bottle)
  • Orbeez (1 small bag)
  • Bowl

How to perform Coke Experiment

  • Pour a pack of orbeez into a Coca-Cola bottle.
  • Then leave them for about 24 hours to check the amazing results.
  • You will see that after 24 hours, the orbeez that was present at the bottom of the bottle has grown and covered half of the bottle.
  • Now separate the orbeez from the bottles, and the most interesting thing is that the Coca-Cola odour is really better than that of water.
  • You can also do it yourself to get a better experience.

3. Hot Plate Gel Beads Experiment

  • Take an electric hot plate, set its temperature to the minimum, and throw all Orbeez on it one by one.
  • These are all growing orbeez and provide great sound while throwing.
  • You will see that they will not break down and will keep on pop-up.

4. Iron Heat Experiment

That is true if you wanted to know whether the direct heat will break down the orbeez. When you place the iron on them, they will start to break down and become deformed. You will notice that most of them get stuck to the surface of the iron.

5. Place Water Beads In the Freezer

Another experiment is to place the Orbeez in the freezer. This orbeez science fair project is simple to carry out and a lot of fun! It’s also a great way to see how different temperatures affect the orbeez. First, the orbeez will become hard and get stuck to each other.

Then they become brittle, and you can easily break them into parts. Most people try this way to dry them out. However, no expert suggests placing them in the freezer as they will never dry out but can be broken easily.

6. Orbeez Grinding Experiment

The orbeez experiment is a series of experiments done by the orbeez to find out what is happening to them. Put the jelly balls in a grinding machine, and you will notice that only some of the balls grind easily, but most of them are left out without grinding.

You will find a jelly-like mixture after grinding. These were the life hacks with orbeez that I have done to make them more interesting. You will enjoy doing them. But follow the preventive measures before any experiment so you will never hurt yourself.

7. Shooting with Orbeez Guns

Shooting different targets with gel blasters is also a kind of project, if you study the speed, firing range, projectile motion and the reaction of object in terms of Physics. This will also help you to sharp your aim.

For best shooting, you will need correct gel blaster and balls. Don’t use cracked balls or frozen balls as they will damage the blaster. You can also store the balls when not in use.

8. Water Beads Experiments on Plants

You can perform different experiments on plants by adding different amount of water beads in pots and observe the growth of the plants. You can also try different amount of water in different pots and examine their effect.

Final Words

The jelly balls are very interesting to play with because they are good for fun and learning. The children loved the interaction with the orbeez and were able to learn how to make them dance. It was also intriguing to observe the variety of motions the orbeez might take.

This is a great activity for children because it makes them think about what they are doing, which helps them develop their problem solving skills. This activity also encourages creativity and imagination, essential qualities in successful adults.


Orbeez grows fast in cold water, but many experiments have also been done with other liquids like coke. It has amazed the kids that water beads grow well in coke and get a better odor than that water.

Let them in coke for 24 hours, and you will get excellent results. But never leave them for more than this time because it will harm them.

Kids must take their elders’ help while experimenting with water beads. Sometimes while performing any science experiment with orbeez, kids might hurt themselves. It could result in serious injury.

Before performing any science experiment, take precautionary measures and then move forward.

Orbeez is not heat-friendly, so when you place the heated iron on them, it will stick to its surface due to its gel nature.

Moreover, continuous heating makes them brittle, and they start breaking down. Keeping them on a heated plate at a low temperature will not affect them much.

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