How Long does it take to Grow Orbeez?

Orbeez are tiny gel beads that are in multiple colors and sizes. Orbeez grow when they are placed in water for a certain time. They take about 5 to 6 hours to grow to their full size, but it also depends on the size of the Orbeez and the temperature of the water.

Seeing them grow without providing any particular material for their growth looks magical. Before buying Orbeez guns or toys, you must have proper knowledge.

How much time is required for Orbeez to grow?

The size of water beads matters a lot in growing the water beads. While it typically takes five to six hours, huge water beads may take up to 24 hours to reach their maximum diameter. Before starting the procedure, we wanted to share some important notes about Orbeez.

Orbeez is jelly beads or watery orbs with soft structures formed of water, sodium hydroxide, and acrylic acid. The same materials are used to manufacture diapers and other highly absorbent goods.

But as was already said, a standard water bead grows in four hours. However, you can anticipate that it would take a lot longer for the bigger ones to become saturated with water. These soft pellets are also used in gel blasters for shooting and firing.

Gel Blasters are toy guns that are widely played all over the world. These are similar to nerf guns but the only difference is that they use soft jelly balls rather than nerf darts.

How big do Orbeez get?

Normal size Orbeez can grow to a maximum diameter of 14mm-18mm. The quantity, temperature and purity of the water affects their size. With the best conditions, they can even grow larger than 18mm.

Orbeez initially appears as little, intricate beads. The polymers absorb the water when you submerge the balls, causing the beads to swell their usual volume. When they start growing, they need more space and thus absorb more water.

If you think that they have achieved their maximum size, just add a little more water and wait for sometime. It may be that your beads still require additional water or time to grow if you believe they have yet to reach that size.

Most of the time, the color will let you know when your beads are getting close to their maximum size. The color of the beads changes as they absorb more water, and then you’ll notice that they appear much more transparent.

Big Orbeez

What happens if orbeez are left in the water for too long?

The Orbeez will outgrow their normal size if you leave them in water excessively long. There is a chance that they get mold or may break up, which is a cause of frustration. Please do not leave them in water for more than two days.

Stress balls and water beads can be encouraged to grow to their full potential by being left in water. However, if you submerge them for an extended period, they will become overly soaked and may begin to crumble.

The reason is that when you leave them in water after growing to their standard size, they absorb all the water and develop to their extra-large size.

Does hot water make Orbeez grow faster?

No, hot water is not beneficial for soft water pallets. If you use hot water, then they will grow extra large and chances are they will burst. That is false if you think that hot water will allow them to grow fast. Then follow our suggestion to use cold water.

Can Orbeez grow in cold water?

Orbeez grows perfectly in cold water. In most cases, hot water has the upper hand over cold water, but that is not the case with water beads. However, you can also use warm water, which seems most beneficial for them.

Growing Orbeez seems to prefer warm water to cold water. They will enlarge slightly in warm water but not sufficiently to pose a threat. The cold water is still functional. However, it will cause the Orbeez to grow more slowly over an extended period.

So long as you do not even mind waiting, the coolant should be adequate. Change the water regularly or add extra water if they look dry. Fresh water will not cause any smell, and they will remain clean. The water must be pop-up on the surface of Orbeez.

For every 100 beads, you typically require 240ml of water. Therefore, if you purchased a package containing 50,000 beads, you would need 12 liters of water to operate with them.

How to grow Orbeez more significantly?

Orbeez is a fun and colorful gel balls that kids can play with. They’re made from a biodegradable, water-soluble polymer that dissolves in water. The Orbeez come in various shapes and sizes and are in multiple colors.

You can use distilled water to grow orbeez. Distilled water is clean, meaning it contains no contaminants such as minerals or salts. The pureness of distilled water will enhance the growing orbeez, because it has no impurities in it.

The obese will grow much faster in distilled water than in tap water because there are no minerals in the solution that could slow down their growth process. Most people also have the misconception that sugar and salt help to grow fast.

Never use them, as they will stop their growth and function negatively. Just use this clean and impurities-free distilled.

How long does Orbeez last?

The Orbeez has long-lasting properties, but it also depends on how you use it. If you soak them in soil, and provide enough water they can live for about nine years. If you use it for decoration in sunlight without providing water, then they will last only for few days.

When Orbeez are at their largest, you should keep them in a dry, sealed container. Zip lock bags, bottles with screw-on closures, and containers with snap-on caps are also acceptable options.

Does Orbeez come to their standard size?

Yes, Orbeez balls can get dry and shrink to their original size. As they grow by placing in water, so if you remove them from it, then they will start shrinking. The maximum time to get to their average size is almost two weeks. It can be alternated depending on the size and quality.

Please put them in a jar with some dry rice to speed up the process. In a few days, the Orbeez should decrease as the rice absorbs the water from them.

The alternative technique is to lay a paper towel over them and set them in the sun to dry. You can keep them in a jar when they have shrunk and are entirely dry. After that, use them when you want to play and again soak them in water.


Orbeez can grow as long as you want them to and as long as they have water and room. They are entertaining, and kids love to play with them. Orbeez guns are prevalent, and most children play with them during summer.

Water has a significant role in their growth, so thoroughly read all instructions before placing them into water. Your Orbeez’s lifespan will increase with proper maintenance and storage.


The growth rate of the Orbeez is quite fast; in fact, it will take only a few days for them to grow to their full size. The colors you can obtain from orbeez are vivid and dazzling.

One thing to note is that the colors will fade over time, but the process is not permanent, so you can always make them brighter by adding more water.

There are no tricks to making your orbeez bigger. Just add additional water, and time will do! To ensure that your orbeez grow well, it’s recommended that you change the water every 24 hours.

Once they’ve reached the desired size, you can stop adding fresh water, and they’ll keep growing indefinitely! You can also use distilled water if you want to grow them perfectly.

You should change the water regularly and replace it with fresh water. Your orbeez will be content with the same quantity of water you have been using for them as they continue to grow.

Never allow the algae to grow in water because it will create a bad smell. Always use clean or distilled water for them.

No, salt does not make Orbeez grow faster. People have wrong thoughts about salt and sugar. They act negatively and stop the growth of water beads. Avoid using them; you can use warm or cold water instead of salt.

  1. You didn’t soak them in water for specific time.
  2. Your beads are expired or broken
  3. Confirm that you or kids had not bite them or make them leak.
  4. You dehydrated them for few days
  5. These could be the reason, why your beads are not growing.

Generally, when you soaked them in water, they increase in size and turns into a perfect round shape. You don’t need to do anything special. If they are nor in round shape, check there is enough water in the bowl.

Yes dogs and cats can play with soft pellets as they are non toxic and safe even they swallow some of them. Dogs love to play with nerf toys as most of them are specially made for pets.

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