Are Orbeez Edible? What happens if you Eat Gel Blaster Balls?

Gel Balls or Orbeez are multicolored balls that are also known as water beads and can be shoot with gel blasters. These water beads are non-toxic and also not Edible.

If children eat them, then you do not need to panic. The beads eventually pass through the digestive system and leave with other waste products. Keep in mind that they can pose a choking hazard if swallowed in large amount.

Kid Eating Orbeez

These balls are soaked in water and grow in size. Kids enjoy playing with them and parents sometimes asks are Orbeez edible?. Additionally, water beads also for decorations.

Place them out of reach of kids because they have small organs; eating large Orbeez will be dangerous for them. So, besides the excitement of playing with these water beads, parents must keep an eye on their children. Let’s learn all there is to know about them.

What should I do if my child swallows Orbeez?

Orbeez is very attractive to children, and they can bounce and transmit light. It is beautiful to watch these small pallets grow in water. The orbeez provides a candy look, which is why they want to eat them.

Not to mention that younger children would put nearly anything in their mouths to learn more about it, which is how the choking hazard label appeared on all toys with little parts.

If your child accidentally or unintentionally eats these orbeez, there is no need to worry. Orbeez beads are generally not harmful if ingested because they go through the digestive system.

Still, you should take extra precautions with tiny children because they can be hazardous. Water beads will be gradually removed during digestion because they do not decompose.

The problem occurs when they eat large size orbeez. Water beads must grow to their standard size, and if they grow extra large, then they will cause suffocation for smaller kids.

The situation may become even more hazardous if the child has ingested multiple beads. In such cases, it is advisable to seek medical assistance. Remember that Orbeez is not radiopaque, so that an X-ray won’t reveal them.

When you are going for a medical check-up, bring some beads to show the doctor what your kids have eaten. If you have placed them in jars for decoration purposes, keep them out of reach of children.

Are orbeez safe to eat – Are nerf gel balls toxic?

Orbeez are non toxic in nature and are safe in case someone accidently eat them. But it is not recommended to eat gel balls because at the end they are polymer substance which is chemical in nature.

There are choking hazards if a kid eats them. They can excrete from digestive system but if they stuck in throat, it is alarming. Do not give water beads to toddlers or younger kids.

Eating Gel Balls is safe?
Eating Gel Balls is Safe?

What to do if Gel Balls are stuck in the ear or nose?

Several cases have been reported in which orbeez are stuck in the nose or ear of children. In such cases, you must consult a doctor and try to remove them yourself. It will take them far away and can block the cavity.

Some methods can remove an Orbeez bead from the ear more quickly. Be aware that a doctor should conduct this and not at home. Alcohol shrinks Orbeez by 25% while water increases its size. Drop four drops of alcohol on cotton buds and place them in the ear canal for 15 minutes.

Gel Balls Stuck in Nose or Ear

Remember that this method can only be used if the eardrum is not perforated or holed. Otherwise, there can be a health risk. Remember that saline solution should be prevented as well as the use of an ear suction to remove Orbeez from the ear.

Please do not try to stick gel balls in your private areas, as they can cause infection or any other disease.

Can Orbeez kill you if you eat them?

The answer lies between yes an dno. Swallowing a large number of Orbeez or consuming them in a concentrated form could potentially cause gastrointestinal issues.

If a significant amount of Orbeez is ingested, there is a risk of them swelling in the digestive tract, leading to discomfort, blockages, or other complications. These risks are more likely in young children or individuals with pre-existing gastrointestinal conditions.

How can we say that Orbeez are also Water Beads?

Orbeez is also water beads because they have the same shape and size as a water bead. These are not only water beads; they also have many other uses. These gel balls can be used to spruce up your home or yard.

Or you might use it as a plaything for your children. They are made from a unique formulation that allows them to absorb water and expand. Kids can perform several science experiments with orbeez and water beads.

The Orbeez balls are entirely safe for children to play with and can be used in the bathtub or pool. They also float on water, so they won’t sink when dropped into a pool or tub. You can play with any of the several sorts of balls.

However, the most crucial thing to remember is that it can only increase in size by an average level. So, it removes the danger if eaten by kids. Other water beads can expand to 57 mm in diameter when submerged, which is extremely dangerous for humans and animals if ingested or inhaled.

It is advised to choose larger water pellets only if you are confident they’ll be out of the kid’s reach, such as if you plan to use them as flower organizers.

What to do if dogs eat Orbeez or gel balls?

If your dog eats orbeez balls, it is a threat to them. They can grow further and will block the intestine. They come into contact with gastric secretions when they reach your dog’s stomach. These juices provide the same functions as water.

The beads will expand to several times their original size after absorbing the moisture. Only small pieces of food can pass through the dog’s small intestine.

Dog is eating orbeez

These big beads will obstruct the way and cannot pass through their digestive system. You have to dispose of gel balls when they are damaged and of no use.

Things to do if your pet swallows Orbeez or gel balls

Call Vet

Call your veterinary doctor right away and tell them what happened. They could have some ideas on how to stop this from occurring. Suppose they feel that there is no medical reason for coming out and seeing your pet.

In that case, they may prescribe medicine you can take home and administer yourself. While your dog is dozing or taking a break, keep an eye on him. You must examine him right away if you see any strange behavior or indications of pain.

Induce Vomiting

Vomiting is the best way to remove these water beads from dogs’ stomachs. If your dog has eaten something, it shouldn’t have in less than two hours, and you can usually make vomit it.

It’s critical to induce vomiting in this situation quite rapidly. Orbeez reaches their full size in around 4 hours when submerged in water; however, it is unknown how quickly or how quickly they will expand within your dog’s stomach.

Give a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide if 1-2 hours pass away after swallowing water beads. It will create bubbles and cause the dog’s stomach to vomit. Thus, these orbeez will come out from the stomach. Almost 15-20 minutes take place for vomiting.


Orbeez are fun balls for children and adult to release stress, and love to watch them grow in water. Sometimes you find them scattered on the floor, but that is not a real problem because you can pick them up quickly.

The problem occurs when any toddler eats them. That is not false that Orbeez is non-toxic, but they are made up of chemicals, so do not allow your children to eat them.

Before using any toy, you must read its precautions. So, you will use them carefully. However, Orbeez has evolved over many years, and people know enough about them. Most parents buy them for their children as gifts and fill them with balloons.

Water beads are used in different games like shooting with gel blasters. In which kids shoots gel balls with guns and have fun. These are similar to nerf blasters and guns but the only difference is these blasters shoot beads rather than nerf darts.


Yes, orbeez can dry out if you put them out of water or in sunlight. They can shrink to their original size. This is the most exciting thing that you will find in them. You can put them in a jar once they have dried out.

Place them in water so they can grow once again when you wish to play with them. Ensure that orbeez absorbs a large amount of water, so keep checking on and add more water after regular intervals. The water must be cold and warm, not hot.

Most people use water beads to release water into the soil for agricultural purposes. You can use them in your garden. Fill your vase with orbeez and take care of them.

Incorporate Orbeez into your garden’s soil or use them to replenish the soil in your houseplants. They are 100% compostable so that they won’t harm your plants, and they are non-toxic so that they won’t harm your plants.

Sometimes children make a mistake and feel drained as a whole. They are stuck in a pipe and cause problems, so you must dissolve gel beads.

You can disintegrate the Orbeez layer by layer using a solution of vinegar and baking soda, so you might have to do it more than once. Alcohol is also used for this purpose.

No, Orbeez or water beads are not safe for animals, especially pets. However, it is best to avoid giving them directly to pets as they may ingest the beads, which can cause choking if they swallow them whole.

If pets eat them, their stomach only passes small pieces of food so medical treatment will require it. You can give a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which will create bubbles and induce vomiting.

Orbeez may expand in stomach if there is water present, otherwise the digestive system of stomach will melt it down and excrete through digestive system. The stomach acid will dissolve the gel balls.

No, water beads are made up of polymer and simple xray machine cannot detect gel balls.

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