Do Gel Balls Melt or Dissolve? Amazing Facts about Orbeez

Yes, Gel balls do melt when they are not in water. They need water to keep alive and hydrated, the absence of water will dissolve them. After playing with them, or firing from gel blasters, you need to quickly store them in water.

You can buy for your children without any fear of getting injured. These are rubber balls that do nothing but bounce without hurting the kids.

These are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Upon contact, they were starting to break down and replenish without leaving any mess or stain. Most children love to shoot Orbeez bullets from their gel blasters at nerf parties.

They provide complete entertainment to them. In this article, we will provide complete information about these gel balls. Mr Beast Gel Ball blaster is one of the most famous splatter gun.

Do Gel Balls Dissolve?

Yes, the major advantage of gel balls is that they dissolve upon hitting with target or even leaving them in open space. Play with your friends and family, knowing there won’t be any cleanup or environmental damage because they’re biodegradable.

Gel splatters disintegrate when they make contact, but the rate at which this happens varies. The surface area of the ball is the first element that influences the dissolving process. The ball will disintegrate more quickly the more contact it gets with the surface it is striking.

The second element is the water’s temperature. The balls will disintegrate faster in warm water than in cold water. Lastly, the ball’s thickness can impact how rapidly it dissolves. Thinner balls disintegrate more quickly than thicker balls.

You have to dissolve Orbeez, in order to get rid of them or if they clogged the drainage pipe or bath tub.

Can Dissolving Water Beads will harm the environment?

No, dissolving your gel balls outside is completely safe. Since gel balls are made of biodegradable polymers, which are non-toxic, their dissolution won’t negatively affect the environment. In addition, after they disintegrate, they won’t leave a mess.

So enjoy a tidy and green exercise by letting your gel balls dissolve outdoors. You can make our own water beads at home without much effort. Interesting things is that some Orbeez balls are edible, but it is not recommended to eat or swallow.

Do Orbeez Evaporate?

Gel balls are water beads, so they decompose, water in them also evaporates when you place them in sunlight. They shrunk to their original size as a result of water evaporation. You can save them in a closed container if they are not damaged. If they are, then you can easily dispose of them.

How long does it take for gel balls to shrink?

If you expose gel balls to sunlight, it will take 1-2 days to shrink to return to their original size as they grow in water and expand largely, so it takes time to get back to normal.

These are not dangerous for the environment and do not cause toxicity; thus, you can allow your kids to play with them. You can also buy them as a gift for their birthday.

What dissolves Orbeez?

  1. Mixture of salt and vinegar helps to dissolve orbeez
  2. Put salt on the orbeez balls
  3. Pour bleach on the gel balls

Do gel splatter balls break down?

Yes, gel balls do break down, when they strike with any solid object. The material utilized to make the ball is not particularly sturdy, which is the main cause. This means the balls become weak and brittle after a certain amount of time and use.

It is important to note that while they can break down, they will not completely disintegrate and leave you with bits of material everywhere. You can use them again, but getting them to stick together will be harder after breaking them down.

Do Gel balls hurt when collides with body?

Yes, it hurts sometime but the pain varies. The pain a gel ball often causes is extremely minimal. If you take simple safety precautions like wearing proper clothes, wearing goggles, gel beads won’t significantly hurt or pierce the skin, keeping them safe to use around friends and family.

The type of gel splatter ball, the range at which you are shot, and the brand of Gel Blaster all affect how probable it is to harm. Gel Blasters for pistols typically don’t fire as far or as powerfully as Gel Blasters for rifles.

A Gel Blaster pistol’s shot will typically feel like a short squeeze and may occasionally leave a temporary mark. If fired with a rifle, it will cause severe, brief discomfort and perhaps a tiny welt that could last a day.

When using gel blasters, we always advise adhering to fundamental safety procedures, including wearing safety gear and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Invite your Friends and Enjoy Gel Blaster Party

It’s time to bring your friends and family over so you can have some fun now that you are an expert on gel balls! They are simple to use, clean, and secure. Everyone may participate in the excitement because gel blasting is a fantastic hobby for all ages.

Load your gel blaster with gel balls and look for a clear area to fire targets securely. Finally, prepare for a traditional water fight or ready for a conventional water fight or to launch some water balloons! Prepare to have a good time!

Purchase enough gel balls to ensure that the enjoyment lasts all day. Visit us today to see why we are your go-to place for all your gel blasting requirements.

These stress balls have significant benefits, like decreasing anxiety by pressing and squeezing them. It is also beneficial for patients recovering from paralysis.

How to harden Gel Balls?

Most people think that if they freeze the gel ball, it will become harder and bounce well. But that is not recommended by experts because freezing will make them brittle. When you play with them, they will break down and cause a lot of worries for children.

When they grow to their size, dry them and use them. You can also shrink them to their normal size or store them in a container for after-use.


Therefore, it is concluded that Gel balls are really interesting toy, and seeing them growing in water provides real fun to their users. They can grow rapidly when you dissolve them in purified water.

But when they come in contact with any surface or temperature that does not suit them, they quickly burst without leaving any debris behind. Gel balls melt when they are exposed to sunlight. The absence of water will also make them shrink.


No, you do not need to dry gel balls before use. However, if your gel balls are not hard enough to pop after being left on a flat surface, you should allow them to dry out for a few hours before using them again.

If your gel balls are hard and solid when you first place them on a surface, they will remain that way for some time. However, if you want them to become softer and easier to pop, please allow them to dry out for a few hours before using them again.

The lifespan of splatter balls depends on how often you use them and what kind of surface you target. On average, it should last for about 6 months if you use them with care.

If you use them more than once a week, then store them in a container after exposure to the sunlight, then it is estimated that they can last for 1-2 years.

Gel blaster weapons are designed to fire water-gell balls, not frozen ones. Your gel balls could sustain significant harm and develop crystals if you freeze them. Once produced, the crystals have the potential to shatter in your gel blaster component.

As pee is a liquid and orbeez balls definitely absorb it. The acidity in pee will damage the water beads and their color may change after a while. Water is the best source to make gel balls hydrated.

Avoid using alcohol, pee, oil or or any other kind of acid as a hydrating agent for Orbeez.

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