How To Make Gel Blaster More Powerful?

A gel blaster is also known as a hydro marker, gel gun, water bead blaster, and gel marker. It is a toy gun that shoots gel balls, water beads, and simply gel or water bullets. That is the most powerful weapon to be used in Nerf Arena.

The power of the toy gun makes it an effective weapon for fighting in close-quarters combat, such as in nerf wars or battlefields. The gel blaster is one of the most intriguing weapons in use today and has been around for a while.

Gel pistol has gained popularity because it is simple, reasonably priced, and efficient. The first thing you need to do when using any weapon such as this one is practice with it until you feel comfortable.

Practice makes perfect in shooting! You need to learn a few important things to make powerful orbeez gun. A lot of people have said that it can be compelling. However, you can do something different to make a gel blaster more powerful.

Orbeez guns are similar in design to airsoft and paintball guns, but they use a gel-like substance instead of projectiles. Here are some tips and reasons on how to make your toy blasters more powerful. One of the most powerful gel blaster is MrBeast Nerf Gun.

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Reasons to Make Gel Blasters More Powerful

There are several reasons to make Orbeez guns more powerful. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Improved Reliability

The first reason is that the upgrade of Gel Blaster will improve its reliability. This means that you will be able to get more shots off and can trust its reliability.

This is the most solid reason to upgrade them because people love choosing weapons that have greater reliability and will not deceive them during nerf war.

2. Shooting Accuracy

The second reason is that upgrading these blasters will improve shooting accuracy. You can shoot with the help of these blasters at longer distances and perfectly, thus helping to cover more area with one shot.

It is necessary to upgrade the hop-up to get accuracy in it. It makes it easier to shoot enemies from far away. The increase in shooting accuracy will bow down your enemies in no time.

3. Increased Shooting Range

Another reason to upgrade your orbeez gun to a more powerful one is the distance and range. The distance between you and your target determines your weapon’s effectiveness. If you are far away, your gel will have less time to react and less force behind it when it hits the target.

A more powerful orbeez gun will help you get closer to your target and ensure that every shot hits its mark.

4. Solid Build

When it comes down to its build, two things make a good blaster: power and durability. A solid body means that your gel won’t break apart easily when shot at high speeds or hit with a lot of force behind it.

The upgrade of your gel blaster will provide a solid look and great handling. It will also give a dominant eye to the game. Most people look for a solid build, and thus they upgrade their weapons.

5. Don’t Use Expired or Crack Gel beads

Never use very hard gel beads as ammo for your gel blasters as they will damage your gun barrel. Every time you shoot inappropriate gel bullet, you will miss your target and as a result of this, you will loose the war game.

You also need to store your water beads after the war, so that you can use them next time.

Things to Upgrade in Gel Blasters

It would help if you upgraded several things to make it more powerful. You need to do some modifications to your gel gun, so that they become more powerful and accurate.

1. Upgrade With New Orbeez Gun Parts

If you notice that the parts that come with your orbeez blaster are starting to wear out or break down, then upgrading them may help solve this problem. You can always buy new parts and put them on your older model so that they will last longer than before.

2. Replace the Old Battery

If your blaster is powered with a battery, then the best way to ensure that your gel gun lasts longer is by replacing its battery with a new one. When batteries die out, they produce less power, making them less effective.

3. Thicker Spring

The spring is the part that makes the toy blaster more powerful. It is a coil in the barrel of the gun, and it is responsible for firing the gel balls.

The thicker spring makes it easier to fire more powerful shots. So if you are looking for a powerful gel rifle, you should opt for a thickened spring.

4. Motor

The motor is another important part of upgrading gel blasters. An engine makes the toy gun shoot out the gel and make it look like it’s raining. In addition, the motor helps power up the gun so you can use it conveniently.

5. Nylon Plate with Tappets

The tappet plate in the gearbox is a crucial but frequently overlooked part of the gearset. You will need it to launch a single gel particle from your gearbox. This part links the nozzle to the sector gear through the tappet plate’s fin and the sector gear’s nub.

With this setup, the gear system may cycle the nozzle back and forth, delivering gel from the magazine to the T-hop. The tappet plate is not fragile and will often serve its purpose for quite some time.

However, consider the compatibility of the other parts in the gearbox if you notice a recurring problem with the tappet plate breaking. The failure of the anti-reversal latch is the most frequent cause of damaged tappet plates.

6. Cylinder Head and Rod

The piston is the key element in compressing and producing the air pressure needed to drive the water gels. The piston’s headgear comes in various designs, each influencing how the airflow inside the cylinder is affected.

The piston rod must be replaced with metal teeth if you have metallic gears to prevent the nylon material from being chipped and excessively worn down by the metal gears, particularly the sector gear that engages with the piston, pushes it back, and compresses the spring.

7. Gear Set

You can get additional rounds each minute by upgrading your equipment set. The three gears in the gear set combine to produce propulsion.

8. Aluminum Barrel

The inner barrel’s smoother surface can help you hit your target with more precision.

Why is Gel Blaster Upgrade Necessary?

The upgrade of the water beads blaster is necessary because it can improve your weapon’s power, making it more effective in working. The advancement of this gun is also possible because it is a very simple process.

When you use a gun, then with the passage of time, it loses its effectiveness and does not remain strong enough. So you search for another blaster to win the game, which will prove expensive. However, you can save money by simply upgrading the existing weapon.

The upgraded gun version has a stronger and sturdier handle that can withstand the force of the blast. It also has a better trigger mechanism, which makes it easier to use.

What are the Most Powerful Gel Balls Blasters?

The most powerful gel ball blasters are generally those that use high-pressure air or CO2 to propel the gel balls and water beads. These types of blasters typically have higher muzzle velocities and longer ranges than those that use spring or electric power.

Some popular examples of high-pressure gel ball splatter guns are

  1. M416 Manual & Automatic Dual Mode Gel Splatter Drum Blaster
  2. Gel Blaster Surge XL
  3. Mr. Beast Gel Blaster
  4. Electric Gel Ball Blaster
  5. Gel Splatter Ball Blaster Toy
  6. Awsoo Christmas Toy Gun

Final Words

A Gel blaster can be a great way to add some fun to your shooting game. It’s also an easy and interesting way to get kids involved in the action that will improve their skills. A gel blaster is a great option for people who wish to play with family members or friends.

This is the best option if you’re looking for a gun that’s easy to use and doesn’t require special skills. Be cautious before considering a gel blaster modification. The use of expert assistance is an option for those who want even better outcomes.


Yes, you can upgrade your gel blaster. You can use various parts to make it better and more powerful. However, the main upgrade of Gel Blaster is done by advancing the gearbox.

The gearbox will increase its durability and enhance its performance. It makes it more powerful than the original one. It will make this gun a worthy weapon to buy.

Gel balls for gel blasters can be speed up when they grow in hot water. Thus they will expand largely and absorb more water. However, this process will slow down if you use cold water. Therefore, it is better to use hot water to get effective results.

If you want to make your gel blaster shoot straight, you will need to expand the ball in water so that they grow fuller. Thus when you fire them, they will shoot straight and go far away. But remember that handling the gun also plays an important role in the shooting.

A gel blaster’s shooting speed depends on the bullet’s power. The higher the power, the faster it will shoot. It can shoot up to 400-600 rounds per minute.

Gel blasters are made to hit targets accurately and at a considerable distance. For example, it can hit targets about 75 feet away, but some models have been known to hit up to 100 feet!

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