Laser Tag Guns- How to Play Laser Tag Game?

Playing with Laser Tag set and guns is one of the most popular indoor or outdoor action games. The best laser tag guns are equipped with a wide range of accessories, which is enjoyable for individuals of all ages.

You will aim at the opponent with a gun having laser functionality. Laser gun is not dangerous as it does not shoot bullets, darts or pallets. You aim at opponents, and a beam of light will strike. There is no threat that it will harm anyone.

Laser Gun Games
Laser Tag Guns and Games

Even though it is a safe and fun way to spend your free time, you might need some clarification. There is a lot of information about how to start playing, which weapons are the best, what to expect from other people, how to start, and so on.

This article aims to clarify some of those concerns so you can easily enjoy your next laser tag game.

Laser Tag Equipment and Accessories

Laser tag needs simple equipment, including the sensor and laser guns. You will target your opponent’s sensor or vests, which is the way to get points.

1. Laser Tag Guns

The first type of laser tag equipment set is the laser tag gun. This is the most basic and essential form of laser tag equipment and consists of a gun and a battery.

The laser beam of the gun can be adjusted to different levels, which can be controlled by simply pressing a button on the gun’s handle.

2. Laser Tag Vest

The second type of laser tag equipment for adults is the vest, worn on the body to enable players to safely move around within an arena. Players aim at these vests and shoot the beam.

They can’t cover it as it is against the rule. Each player has a safety button attached to their vest to turn off their laser beam when they leave the game area.

3- Closed Toes Shoes

Making sure you wear closed-toed shoes is the most crucial thing you can do. This will help prevent slipping on the floor and tripping over things. It would help if you also chose a pair of laser tag equipment with a good quality sole.

Another thing that will help you stay comfortable during your game has good grip feet. This will allow you to walk around easily and maneuver through obstacles like trees or rocks without falling and getting hurt.

4. Socks

Socks must be worn under your closed toes shoes for proper protection and grip. You must also wear socks if you have flat feet or are purchasing a new pair of closed toes shoes and want to ensure they fit correctly.

If you do not wear socks with your closed-toe shoes, your feet will get wet very quickly, and there will be no friction between them and the floor, causing them to slip when running around trying to shoot others!

5. Eyes Protection

Eye protection is one of the most important things when playing laser tag equipment. Protecting your eyes from getting damaged during a game can be done by wearing glasses or goggles, which will protect your eyes from laser beams.

6. Safety Belts and Straps

A lot of laser tag equipment comes with safety belts and straps that keep players safe while playing in an area where there is a risk of falling and injuring themselves if they lose their balance or fall over something such as a tree or rock behind them.

You must have a safety belt to protect yourself from mishaps or accidents. You can also adjust your sidearms and laser gun batteries with the strap.

Laser Tag Game Rules

Every game has its rules and regulations, which are for players’ safety. Everyone gets equal chances of winning the game, and each player has similar advantages and disadvantages. Laser tag game rules are much similar to nerf war game rules.

  • Keep all weapons checked at all times. This means that if you have a gun, ensure it’s safe before bringing it into the game area and never point it at anyone unless they are in danger.
  • Also, ensure that all players wear protective eyewear with lenses designed specifically for electronic laser tag play, which can block harmful light beams from damaging eyesight.
  • Not making physical contact with another player is a crucial rule to follow. It’s also important to remember that lasers do not affect other players and can only be used to propel your weapons toward opponents.
  • Make teams with equal members, and all weapons should be divided equally.

How to Play Laser Tag Game?

Find a laser tag arena: Locate an indoor arena designed specifically for laser tag, as they usually have unique layouts and obstacles for cover.

Choose a team: Divide the players into two or more teams.

Put on protective gear: Wear a tactical vest with sensors that can be hit by a laser gun’s infrared beam.

Grab a laser gun: Each player should have a laser gun with an infrared beam that can hit the sensors on the vests.

Understand the game rules: Familiarize yourself with the game rules and objectives, as they may vary depending on the arena and game mode.

Shoot from various positions: Practice shooting from different positions, such as standing, kneeling, or lying down.

Shoot while moving: Try to shoot while running or leaning around cover to gain an advantage.

Aim for the opponent’s gun or headband: Practice shooting at either your opponent’s gun (which has a sensor in the barrel) or the Sunband (worn on the head).

Teamwork and tactics: Work together with your teammates to achieve the game’s objectives, such as eliminating opponents or capturing flags.

Enjoy multiple game modes: Try different game modes, such as Team Elimination or Immortal Arena, which are great for newer players because the rules are simple and easy to understand.

Different ways to Play Laser Games

You can play with two teams against each other in a laser tag game, usually two teams of 4 or more players per team. The first person on each team tags their opposing teammates.

While the second person on each team runs around trying to tag their teammates before they can run away from them. You control the match if you return to your base without first being tagged.

You can play as individuals against another individual where one player runs around trying to tag another player, trying to avoid being tagged by them. The game is won if you return to your base without being tagged.

Tips to Develop Laser Tag Team Tactics

Suggestions for fostering collaboration and tactical development among players.

  • Help each team member understand the goal of the game type they are now playing. The winning conditions often vary depending on the game style.
  • It could be a good idea to offer suggestions and guidance to players or teams who need guidance on what to do.
  • The numerous winning conditions cause similar teams’ plans to vary.
  • Give participants enough time to converse among themselves before a round. As a result, they can create a plan they can all support and execute together.
  • Put a map of your playground in plain sight for all players. By connecting directly to a map, players better understand what they are supposed to do.
  • Consider assigning participants to various roles or pushing them to do so.
  • Having a defined role or duty can help players feel more secure while playing. It is often a good idea to split out the players in the playground so that nobody can achieve your objectives during Team Knockout. Give a player the responsibility of keeping an eye on the flanks or searching for opponents.
  • Consider appointing a player as team captain. Small parties with leaders can also be formed if there are enough people. This promotes teamwork and communication among the players rather than playing individually.
  • If your area is large enough, two-way radios are an excellent tool for teams to communicate and work. If a handful of team members focus on accessing and sharing, your team will be more able to respond to the enemy.


Laser war game has its equipment and protective wear. You can enjoy the game individually or in the form of groups and can have maximum fun.

If you want a fun and easy toy for your kids, you should purchase a professional laser tag gun. Although there are other more advanced laser tag sets on the market, this would be fun for your children, and you will also enjoy playing with them.

The best thing about this set is that it comes with two guns so that youngsters from the same family can play together. These are safe, and there is no danger of injury. Continue to read this page if you want to discover more information about this game.


Yes, Laser Tag is similar to paintball. But it does not shoot the balls and release a laser beam to attack the opponents. You can play it in a large field or a small room. If you’re playing in a small space, it’s best to be divided into teams, each having its color.

If you’re playing on a large field, you must try to manage something special and make large groups get assistance in the game.

It doesn’t hurt at all. Only a laser beam striking your eyes might cause pain. But this rarely happens because there is much protective eyewear that helps you stay safe from the attack of rays.

Players can hide behind objects or under cover so they won’t get hit by anyone’s laser beams.

Yes. Laser tag is a safe game to play. To make it extra safer, there are various things you can do. For example, avoid playing the game if you have medical conditions like joint problems. Also, if you wear glasses, you should keep them on during the game.

When playing with a friend or family member, make sure that they are aware of your limitations and cannot blame for any injuries.

Comfortable attire like jeans, T-shirts, and stockings or shoes with closed toes are best to play laser battle. If you want something more stylish, try wearing camouflage tracksuits or army uniform.

We also recommend not wearing anything too tight as this may cause discomfort due to chafing during long playtime sessions!

There is no limit to players playing the game. You can play individually or can make a team with your friends or family members. After setting the rules, hold the weapons in your hand and start destroying your opponent with the help of a laser beam.

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