Things to Consider Before Buying Laser Tag Set

Are you worried about kids being lazy by excessively using smartphones and other gadgets? Instead, involve them in physical activities like playing outdoor games. In my opinion, one of the best games which involve physical activity is laser tag set battle.

Yes, you read it right, the game you have played in the arcade can be played in home. If you are a pro player, you need to buy best laser tag sets so that you can shoot precisely.

Laser Tag Guns

This game is played by laser guns that use a beam of infrared as a bullet. Each player has a laser gun and a sensor vest that counts the number of hits and shots. The laser tag set is a multiplayer game, and these guns are suitable for kids and adults.

Whether you want your kids to be active in life or they are demanding a new game that involves physical exercise, a laser tag set is one of the best products you can give them as a surprise for their birthday or Christmas.

Kids love to play war games online, which will affect their eyes and sometimes their brain too. So why not buy them a laser gun through which they can simulate their favorite video games in real life?

A laser tag set means a complete package for a team that consists of several guns, vests with sensors, and digital targets. Adult laser tag sets are those which are purely made for teenagers and elders.

How to Choose Best Laser Tag Set

It would help if you considered certain things before buying a laser gun with other accessories. The perfect laser tag has some qualities and characteristics which you must consider. The right product for your kids will solve many issues you may face later by buying the false laser gun.

Our article is well structured, comprehensively written, and has all the details you need to buy a fantastic laser pistol or gun set. There are tons of models available in the market, but the best among them are those with the following characteristics.

Laser Tag Shooting range

The first thing to consider is the shooting range of a laser gun. The shooting range varies from gun to gun. The average range of the infrared beam is almost 150 feet, which is a considerable distance. The newly released laser guns have more shooting ranges.

Battery life of Laser Tag

The set must have a great battery life, and you should go for AAA batteries. Indeed, you don’t want to get your battery dead in the middle of tag war. Therefore you must choose a gun that is equipped with a good battery. Some guns used in arenas are rechargeable.

Durability of Laser Tag

The product’s material should be durable, so that it will not break easily. The other accessories, like the vest and goggles, must be of good quality. Always check the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Go for the product that has 6+ months of warranty.

Laser Gun Settings

The setting of the laser gun and the other associated components are easy. You just need to insert the batteries and are ready to play.

Laser Tag Features

The best tag set is the one that is more robust and sophisticated than the others. Pistols are relatively less robust than guns and blasters as they have short ranges and less battery life.

Laser games sometimes become more intense when played by pro players. So, if you are a pro player, don’t go for cheap products or those with fewer features.

Laser Tag Vest

Always check the size of the vest. Some manufacturers claim that their vest fits all sizes of the body, but it is not the case. Vests have an LCD that shows battery life and count how many times you got a hit.

Laser Gun Working Principle

Playing with laser tag is very simple; you have to aim and pull the trigger, and a beam of infrared laser fires from the blaster. A blaster is a plastic-made tube or the front part of the gun. The primary purpose of the laser light is to hit the sensor vest, which the opponent player is wearing.

You have to buy best laser tag sets in order to have maximum fun with accurate shooting and precision. The quality of laser guns and sensors are the primary things to consider, if you are going for a battle.

The main goal is to hit the enemy’s vest as much as his health goes to zero, which will eliminate him from the game. When a player gets several hits, his life is gone. The game becomes more interesting if you are playing in the form of teams.

The game involves sound effects and vibrations, making it more exciting and addictive. Guns and vests are operated by batteries of AA or AAA type, whereas big laser gaming studios or arenas often use rechargeable batteries due to their excessive usage.

Benefits of Playing with Laser Guns


It is safe as it does not involve any physical darts or bullets that can cause injury to you or your kids. Instead, laser blasters fire infrared beams at the laser target, which is mounted on the vests.


The game can be played indoors and outdoors due to its portability feature. However, outdoor playing is more fun and adventurous as you have plenty of space to hide from opponents and shoot them.

Less Equipment

It is easy to use as it involves fewer accessories than other nerf blasters and guns. You need to put the batteries in the laser gun, wear the vest and start shooting at enemies.


For the indoor game, you should wear a black color dress so that you are less visible to opponents, and bright color may expose you. For outdoor playing, a camouflage suit is perfect.

It is safe for kids if someone does not abuse it by putting the laser beam in the eyes. As long as the beam strikes the vest or other body parts, it is not harmful. It only uses 0.4 mW of power which is safe. It is the responsibility of parents to educate their kids, not to point in the eyes.

Contrary to paintball, the laser game is not harmful because no physical dart hits you. Instead, you are struck by an infrared beam.

The laser game works on the principle of health points. You have five lives in a game. You lost some of your health points when you got a hit. The initial health points are 100.

Laser nerf guns are safe to use if the beams do not strike the eyes for too long. This is because laser beams are dangerous to the eyes, whereas these toy guns don’t use laser beams; instead, they use infrared.

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