How to Win Laser Tag War Game?

Laser tag war is a wonderful firing and shooting game which can be played at parties and gaming arena as it combines hide and seek, tag, the capture of the flag, and some teamwork. It is a type of indoor amusement activity.

Many people want to play laser war tag, but they are unaware of its basic information. Sometimes you want to enhance your laser tag gaming experience because you feel something is lacking. First learn how to use laser guns and play tag games.

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Winning the laser tag series is not a lucky shot, it requires skill and strategy. You will have to learn how to play the game, know a good position before your opponent and be familiar with the best laser tag strategies.

How to Win Laser Game
Win Laser Tag War

Here, we will provide some useful strategies to help you win the game. Assign different tasks to your team mates like spying, aggressive shooting and sniper mode.

Laser Tag War Strategies to Win

Laser tag is a great game, but scoring points in a competitive environment cannot be easy. Here are some laser tag tips to help you win more tactical laser combat:

1. Use Best Laser Weapons

Using best Laser tag sets must be your first priority. To beat your opponents you must have cool laser tag blasters which can shoot precisely, have long battery life, and are durable.

If you are a newbie in laser gaming, don’t go for expensive laser guns. Start with some basic laser tag blasters, make your aim sharp by practicing. When you think you are experienced now, then go for best laser tag systems.

You can also read our laser tag set buying guide for better understanding. Visit your nearest gaming arena and observe how others are playing. Observing and watching is the first step to learn any skills, whether it is shooting or making war strategies.

Use Best Laser Tag Sets
Best Laser Tag Blasters

2. Know the Laser Tag Arena

The first thing you should do is learn the layout of the laser tag arena. This is very important because if you don’t know where everything is, then you won’t be able to strategize properly. Explore the places where you can hide and shoot your opponent.

For example, if you don’t know how many team members each has, how many people are on each team, and where they are hiding places, then you will not be able to plan your attack or defense strategy effectively.

Hence learning the environment of arena and its basic points are considered the best strategic points while keeping in mind the win of a game.

Know the laser tag arena

3. Keep Shooting and March Forward

The second thing you should do is keep shooting while moving forward. Don’t worry about getting hit because if you stay alive long enough, your opponents will eventually get bored and move on to another place in the arena.

This way, even if your team doesn’t win every time, at least one team member will survive long enough to continue playing. With continuous Shooting, you can bow down to your enemies. The likelihood of winning the game is higher.

Sometimes aggressive shooting will frighten your opponents. Make one of your tag player as an aggressive shooter.

Keep shooting

4. Target the New players

Target new players and don’t let them have a chance to settle in. They aren’t as experienced yet and therefore don’t know much about the game or its rules. If you can get an easy kill on someone who just joined the opponent team, then do so.

You will gain more experience, and they won’t be as likely to try out again since they got killed quickly by someone who knows what he’s doing with a laser tag gun. You can earn many points by hitting newbie players.

Target New Players
Target Newbies

5. Defend Yourself

The most important thing to do while playing laser tag for adults is to defend yourself. You must be able to avoid the enemy’s shots and return fire, which can be done by simply moving out of the way or hiding behind a wall.

Once you have taken out one or two players, you can focus on taking out the rest of them and winning the game.

Defend yourself

6. Play as a Team

If you want to win the game, working as a team tactic for laser tag is essential because it will allow you to get more points than if you were alone. For example, suppose you are playing against three other players who are all shooting at you.

In this case, if you have made a team strategy, all team members try to defend each other. If one of you gets hit, the other will take its place.

The point here is that teamwork is key when playing laser tag games, so make sure that everyone knows their role for them to win and do so without any mistakes!

7. Wear Dark Clothes

This helps you blend in with the surroundings and avoid being spotted easily. Also, wear something that will not stick, and you will not fall while moving. To avoid any harm, put on a facemask that protects you from it and put on some relaxed shoes.

Dress properly

8. Utilize the Cooldown Period

If you get hit by someone else’s laser tag real guns, you will freeze for a few seconds. The cooldown time is when this happens. Instead of merely sitting around, use this time to your advantage. Find a superior position for yourself, ideally near a wall or fortified area.

Once you have been reactivated, you can also pursue an adversary to retaliate. Throughout the cooldown, learn your opponent’s strategy and make your strategy superior to others. When you get unfrozen, then attack them without letting them know.

9. Keep Moving

The most important thing to do in laser tag is to keep moving. Please don’t stop and wait for your opponent to get close enough for you to shoot them. You can always use your body as a shield, but it’s best if you keep moving instead of blocking all the time.

In that way, you’ll be able to dodge any shots your enemy can shoot at you.

Keep Moving in War Game

10. Crouch Walk

Another strategy that works well in laser tag is crouch walking. When your opponent sees you going low, they will most likely shoot at your legs instead of your chest. If they do, crouch walks until they fire again, and then dodge the shot while standing up again.

This will allow you to avoid being hit by their laser aim and score more points than normal when shooting back at them!

Crouch Walk

11. Focus

Using the game’s most potent weapon won’t help you win. You will win by using your eyes and good strategy. The first thing you need to do is to watch the players around you and see what they are doing.

You should also pay attention to their movements, look at their eyes, and listen to their voices to know what is happening before it happens.

Keep Eyes Open

12. Try Sweep Move

To win in laser tag, you must try the sweep move. This beneficial strategy allows players to move through the arena easily and quickly. It also helps them avoid being hit by other players’ weapons.

The only thing that needs to be done is to ensure that there are no obstacles in front of you while performing this move.


These are the basic steps you should take to become a laser tag champion. Laser tag is typically played between two teams, each seeking to eliminate the other to win the game. This guide will help you to develop a laser tag strategy that enables you to win more often.

FAQs Regarding Winning Laser Tag Game

Laser tag is an exciting and thrilling indoor sport in which players use laser guns to shoot each other. In this game, a player uses a specially designed gun to shoot infrared light beams.

Players will hit the opponent’s vests and will get the points. The game has several rules and strategies to help you become the champion.

It is very simple and easy to start the laser tag game. The players wear a special tag or vest, which has sensors and counts your health. If you are playing indoors, set the arena yourself and buy the laser tag guns. Make the team, define the rules and start playing.

Yes, you can play laser tag in the dark. Most players play this game in a closed room. However, there are some additional rules for playing at night.

You must have a light source and a clear line of sight to the opponents. You can use a flashlight or other illumination methods to help you see your opponent.

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