How to Set up a Laser Tag Arena at Home?

The popularity of laser tag set is increasing rapidly around the world. Playing laser tag war games in the arena is becoming more and more popular. This can be more interesting and fun than playing against other players over a distance.

Many new games have been developed, like paintball, water battle using super soakers, and nerf war. Out of all of them, laser tag is the most well liked.

Laser tag set games are a lot of fun and provide you with hours of entertainment when you play with your friends at home. If you want to play laser tag at home, you may need to know how to set up a laser gun arena in your own house.

Laser Game Arena
Laser War Games Arena

We have tried to explain all about setting up a laser game arena layout for adults. So, keep reading and take pleasure from the valuable tips given below by your side.

Steps to Build Laser Tag Arena at Home

Here are the different steps to build a DIY diy laser tag course:

1. Select a suitable Location

The first step in building the arena is to choose the location. You can play anywhere, especially in those places that are safe for kids. These can be a backyard or garden, but the perfect place is indoor.

This game can be played freely at home. Players can use furniture, bushes, and walls to hide. If you have a wider place for the playing area, then laser tag can be built easily there.

Keep enough place to run around and protect yourself from the attack of the opponent’s laser. Mark the boundaries so kids do not get hurt by the things in the room. Never go outside of the area while chasing each other. Some mishaps can occur in a hurry, or they can meet with unusual accidents.

If you choose a small place, build the teams accordingly. Not add enough members to it because they will bump into each other while running or will not find enough space to move. Locations may include.

Laser Tag Arena

An Old Basement

This is one of the most common places where people can set up their laser tag arena at home. The basement may be better, as it can get cold in winter and hot during summer, but it is still one of the best places to set up your laser tags.

Laser Arena in Basement
Laser Tag Arena in Basement

A Garage

A garage is another popular place where people set up their gaming arenas at home because it has enough space and many other facilities like power outlets, hiding places, etc., making it ideal for playing games with friends or family members.

A Room on the Top Floor

One of the best places for setting up a DIY laser tag arena is on the top floor because it has enough space, and there are no limitations regarding lighting up or air conditioning system in such rooms.

2. Buy Laser Tag Set

Selecting the laser tag equipment is the essential step while playing the game. It would help if you bought those guns that fit the game and shoot excellent laser beams. These guns don’t shoot darts or bullets.

These best laser tag guns come with vests that players wear and act like a sensor for the laser beam. Laser X is considered the best for the home arena.

Their evolution is the best addition to the laser tag gun. However, there is an excellent variety of these guns, and you can choose whatever you want. Interestingly, you may change the colors of these guns to suit your preferences. They also produce the voice and shoot up to 300 feet.

3. Lighting and Decoration

Your preference is the only factor here. But being able to play in many settings and circumstances would be exciting. It’s more exciting because many laser tag arenas are dark with little lighting. The light rays on the blasters and vests are also clearly visible to the players.

Ensure the players are secure if you want to compete in the dark, but only at night. Indoor play is permitted as long as all windows and light sources are covered. You can use window coverings to obscure your windows completely.

Additionally, you can put foil and privacy sheet on windows. Make sure, no outside light or direct sunlight can enter into your gaming arena.

4. Make Hidden Places

There must be hidden places, fort or diy laser tag barriers in the laser tag setup to protect yourself from the attack of opponents and to counter-attack them. Block pieces are used to create hidden places and must be placed in regular spaces so you can easily find them while playing.

You can also use barriers and raw furniture to hide, while playing in homemade gaming arena. Kids can also make these things on their own. Boxes containing cushions or comforters can be stacked. The players won’t be seriously harmed if the boxes are weighed down.

The objective is to develop tools to help players use the environment as cover and make it a little more complicated. However, you can also get ones intended only for laser tag competitions. You can also play Laser tag capture the flag game and enjoy

5. Start the Laser Gun Fighting Game

Once you have set everything, save your time and start playing. It will be fun to play the game and get the experience of a DIY laser tag party. Invite your friends and family to the battle arena and start attacking each other with laser beams.

But keep in mind the precautions, and you must wear safety equipment to save yourself from the attack of rays.

Equipment Required to Play Laser Tag

Playing Laser tag games at home requires few essential equipments. You will need the following things for diy laser tag party:

1. A Laser Tag Gun

Laser tag gun is the most important thing you need while playing laser battle. The gun shoots a beam of light that strike with the vest of the players; therefore, it is essential to buy best long range laser gun. You will need at least three different laser guns available in different colors and styles.

The best option is to purchase a set of pistols for each player, each with a different gun color. This way, you can also use the same type of gun for every player on your team. If you have more players than guns, then buy more guns individually.

2. Laser or Neon Light System

Neon lights are essential for creating an impressive look for your laser tag DIY arena at home. These lights will give a futuristic look of actual arena.

3. Protective Shirt or Vest

You need to wear at least one protective shirt or vest while playing laser tag because some people get injured when the lasers hit them; therefore, it is important to have at least one protective shirt or vest with you while playing this game not to hurt yourself.

4. Pair of Goggles

It is also necessary to wear goggles when playing laser tag because it protects your eyes from getting injured by shooting beams of light. Check the prices and features of latest laser tag goggles.


Laser tag arenas are amazing things to set up at homes. Laser tag set games are best for adults and kids are not suitable because these war games need strategies and tactics.

If you have made up your mind of playing with laser guns and created a group of friends, then collect all equipment, choose a gaming site, and start building it. The laser tag technology of the guns has inspired kids and adults, and everyone is looking to build the arena.


Laser tag is a game of skill where teams compete against each other by detecting, aiming, and shooting their opponents with laser weapons.

The game is played on indoor or outdoor places or an infrared-equipped arena floor, or “laser field,” which emits a beam of invisible infrared light that can be seen by players wearing infrared goggles.

The main difference is that the player’s weapon only fires lasers when aiming at a target, or another player’s weapon hits them. Laser tag guns do not fire in projectiles way , rather they emit a beam of light that strikes with your opponent’s weapon. Paintball guns use soft bullets filled with paint.

The setting time of the laser tag arena depends upon your skills and laser equipment you have. Setting up your laser tag arena takes about 1 hour from start to finish, depending upon your playing area.

First, get all the necessary tools and materials, so all you need to do is get your friends together and let them know when they are ready to play.

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