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Are Nerf Guns Dangerous? Nerf Safety Tips

Nerf Guns are the kids’ favorite toys due to their ability to aim and shoot nerf darts. Nerf blasters are not real guns; these are toy guns and have bullets made of foam. So they do not cause real damage. But, the dangers of nerf guns are still there, if someone misuses them

Before buying these guns, parents must have knowledge of toy guns and blasters, furthermore they must know the pros and cons of these nerf blasters. think about whether they should buy them or not for their children.

Are Nerf Guns Dangerous

Most of the nerf guns are lightweight, easy to use, and easily handled by their children. Players should aim at the face or any sensitive part of the body. Along nerf darts gel balls are also fired from Orbeez guns.

We will discuss some safety tips to play with nerf guns that will not hurt your child or not cause any injury. But before that, children should know some nerf gun war rules that we have short-listed here.

Rules to play with Toy Guns

  • Do not look into the barrel of a gun.
  • Do not aim at eyes or any sensitive body part.
  • Never pull the trigger unless you’re prepared to do so.
  • Never ride on a moving vehicle to shoot.
  • Do not play nerf games in public places.
  • Do not target moving vehicles.
  • Never give the loaded nerf toy gun to younger ones who do not know how to use it.
  • Do not shoot at the face or close range.

Safety Tips for Nerf Games

Here, you will find a thorough explanation of safety measures which you must teach your children to play the games:

1. Wear Nerf Safety Glasses

This is the first and utmost precaution that you must use to protect yourself from the attack of darts. If you wear safety glasses or goggles, then there is less chance that your eyes get hit by nerf darts. You should buy them so that you should not lose your eye vision as seen in eye accident pictures.

2. Do not look at the barrel of the Gun

It does not matter whether your Gun is loaded or not; you should not look at the barrel of the Gun. Sometimes accidental discharge can happen that will directly hit your eye. Your eyes will be harmed by the close-range strike. Therefore, it is best to avoid gazing at the barrel.

3. No Head Shots – Don’t Shoot darts in Eyes

It would help if you never took the aim of the head as it is also against the rules, and you can lose the game. You can hit the darts at any part of the opponent’s lower body but do not risk striking their head.

A Nerf ball is made up of foam and rubber, but if fired powerfully, it will hit hard and cause injury. So, avoid headshots and shooting in the eyes.

4. Never Play with Nerf Guns on Highway

Some people become so fancy in a way that they make a plan to play with nerf guns on the highway in moving cars. There is a danger to your life. Nerf guns are fun to play but not worth dying for.

As we have mentioned in the rules, do not play on moving vehicles. You can catch an accident on a highway. It will result in the loss of your life or someone else. The most important guideline to follow is this one.

5. Do not put your finger on the trigger if you are not Aiming

You should never move your finger around the trigger if you are not ready to aim at your target. If you shoot carelessly while talking to someone else, the firing may go on the way, maybe in the other eye, or hit the head.

Never juggle the gun while it is in the air. Follow this tip for the safety of yourself and others.

6. Do not Shoot Animals

It would help if you don’t shoot at the animals because it will loft their trust in you. They will get furious and may react strongly. Try to play in an empty place where there will be no animals or people besides you and your friends participating in a game.

7. Do not play on public places

You should also not aim at the people not part of the game. If they are standing there, then you can humbly request them to please get aside. Otherwise, if you fire and your hyper rounds hit them, the situation will become critical, and they can show their harsh reaction.

8. Keep Guns away from children

It is better to place the nerf guns out of reach of children. Some toddlers do not know what these toys are, and they can take them and will cause damage to them.

It may happen that nerf guns will be loaded, and if you accidentally push the trigger, they might hit someone or attack them with the shots. Additionally, it would be great if you purchased firearms appropriate for your child’s age.

9. Select the Right Darts and Rounds

Darts selection plays a vital role in nerf war. Therefore, you should choose those darts that do not cause injury to your eyes or skin. Darts made of metal tips hit hard and can damage the skins, which can be a disaster.

Find toy darts made up of soft materials such as foam darts with soft tips. These darts won’t put you in any danger of getting hit.

9. Keep Practicing

Before playing nerf wars, you must practice your shooting. Make sure you do not aim at different means, such as cans or bottles. You must target your courtyard and take the objective of it. Do not point your Gun at anyone else. Always make the aim of a safe place.


The Nerf brand of toy guns is great fun for both young and old, but it does mean that you have to be careful and look after your younger children. Are Nerf Guns Dangerous, is always a debatable topic among doctors and nerf players.

I hope this post has assisted you or your child select the best Nerf pistol. I do think it is essential that we all stay relaxed and try and enjoy our games as much as possible.

Go ahead and purchase a Nerf gun if you’re interested in doing so! There are no evil guns. They are all quite entertaining. Remember to use them safely and courteously to your neighbors when you play.


No, the nerf guns and blasters are safer than many other toy guns on the market because they don’t shoot tiny projectiles and don’t have a hammer or spring that could injure you. They also don’t shoot real bullets, either the only thing that comes out of them is foam balls.

Nerf guns should not be used inside, rather you should play with nerf super soakers, that throw water. You could get hurt from the darts if they hit any part of your body while you’re using it inside or even if they come into contact with any other object in the room (like a door).

Also, it’s recommended that you don’t use anything but an official Nerf product when shooting in an enclosed space like an apartment or house because of safety concerns. However, the air pressure in a room will be different than outside.

The air pressure inside is less and so the darts may not fly as far or for as long. It’s best to shoot outdoors when possible.

Yes, you could get hurt by a Nerf gun if you aim it at someone else that is not your target. This is why it’s crucial to understand how to use a Nerf gun properly and safely.

Being blind is too harsh word but, you can get hurt if got hit by a strong nerf dart or hyper round. Whereas laser tag guns are safe up to some extent because they shoot infrared rays, rather than laser.

If you keep aiming eyes with laser guns for a long period of time, they might damage your eyes. People with weak eye side will by affected badly.

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