How to Shoot with Nerf Guns Accurately

To shoot with Nerf guns accurately, there are several tips that can be followed. First, purchase more accurate darts or use specified darts to increase accuracy. 

Second, aim slightly above the target to account for the drop of the dart due to air resistance and physics. 

Third, hold your hands steady and hold your breath while firing to improve accuracy. 

Fourth, practice shooting and reloading, using a target to fire as many shots as possible.

Shooting accurately depends upon many factors like nerf darts, practice, wind, temperature, humidity, and air resistance.

Nerf games are full of fun, action, and adventure. You can shoot nerf bullets, darts, softballs and even throw water with different blasters. Shooting with nerf blasters is a great skill, which can be achieved by practice and patience.

Nerf Shooting

Nerf blaster guns are categorized as short-range, mid-range, and long-range. Choose a gun that is suitable for you. The primary purpose of a blaster gun is to play nerf battle, so that you can have both fun and physical activity.

Nerf Gun Shooting – How to Aim a Nerf Gun

Nerf target shooting with a gun or revolver is a complete package of fun, action, and entertainment. Shooting at the target with nerf blaster is sometimes tricky, especially if you are a beginner.

The accuracy of Nerf guns is a challenging problem faced by anyone. Nerf darts or balls are soft and lightweight, therefore their accuracy decreases as the distance increases. You need the correct skills to fire nerf balls accurately.

The following steps will guide you on how to be perfect in Nerf blaster shooting.

1. Read The Manual

Do what nobody does, that is read the manual first and do what it says. This is the best thing for a starter. Read how the blaster shoots and which dart or bullet is recommended with your purchased nerf rival gun.

You will learn how to operate the rifle and barrel and how to put bullets or darts. After reading the manual, you will feel comfortable playing with a nerf blaster.

2. Find or build a Nerf target

Setting the target is the first step of shooting. If you are a beginner, you must set a target at 10 feet. The nerf target could be a soda can or you can create a nerf target by drawing on a card and placing it on a wall (to get a pleasing feeling of shooting).

3. Use Accurate darts

The main element is the accurate nerf darts for your gun. If you use specified darts, it will automatically increase the accuracy of shooting and result in hitting the nerf target.

Using Lightweight darts will lead you to miss the target as the wind or air resistance will change. Always use the darts and balls recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Change Barrel

The nerf barrels can increase the accuracy of darts shooting. Try different barrels and find out what best suits your gun. Barrels with narrow space can increase the accuracy as well as the velocity of a nerf bullet when you aim at a certain target.

5. Calculate the Trajectory of a Dart

Try to aim from a certain distance like 20 feet and calculate the trajectory or path followed by the bullet. If it misses the target by a few inches then you should aim accordingly. Change your position to get a better understanding. It will require some patience and practice.

Tip: Aim at a few inches above the target

6. Practice Nerf Gun Shooting and Reloading

Fire many shots on the target and change your positions. It will help you to be focused on your target and eventually help you in shooting when you play with your friends. You must be good at reloading if you are in a nerf war.

7. Nerf Attachments

Always look for the right nerf accessories. Wearing a nerf jacket and costume will give you a feel of a warrior. Wear nerf goggles, a vest, and a helmet to avoid any injury.

8. Try Different Weather Conditions

After practicing in a room or closed environment, now it’s time to try shooting in different weather. Air pressure or wind is a challenge for every nerf gamer. If you are playing on a windy battlefield, there are more chances that your targets will miss.

The outside temperature will also affect your shooting as the barrel of the gun heats up and sometimes misses the ammo. So, is the case with rain, you cannot properly shoot with toy guns while raining and in snowfall.

9. Try to Hold Nerf Gun Firmly

The question arises for amateurs, how to hold a nerf gun? In the beginning, try to hold the gun tightly, so the jerk or kickback will not lead you to miss the target when you press the trigger. After some practice, you will deal with the recoil issue.

Believe me, it’s not a big deal unless you are using a high-power motored nerf gun or a blaster machine gun.

10. Use a Battery Powered Nerf

The motored or battery-powered nerf blaster is for experienced or pro players. If you are confident that you can aim the target as good as any experienced player, you must try a motorized Nerf gun.

11. Try Different Scenarios

To get handy with nerf blaster gun, you should try different scenarios of action as soldiers do. Aim while you are in a sitting position or lying on the floor. If you manage to shoot while crawling, you can beat your opponents easily.

12. Take Advantage of the Wind

Learn how to get benefit from the wind with some extra practice and skill. You can increase the speed if your fire the bullet in the direction of the wind. You can defeat your rival team in any nerf battle game if you achieve this skill. The air push will give extra strength to the dart.

13. Invite Friends for a Nerf war

You can polish your nerf shooting skill by inviting friends for a nerf battle. You will learn new tactics of war by regularly playing nerf games.


If you follow all the above instructions, you will become a pro player in nerf war and you will always be in a winning position while playing with any team. The most accurate nerf gun will improve your nerf war game.


The Nerf Microshot Blaster is one of the best and easy to play nerf gun for younger kids. Even a 5 years old kid can shoot darts with accuracy using this pistol.

Generally it is not illegal to carry nerf guns with you unless prohibited. You cannot carry nerf blasters with you in school, airport and any other sensitive area because most of the guns look like real guns.

Police or any other security official may suspect you or people around you are frightened.

Yes, it is not a good practice to dry fire nerf gun or pistol. It can damage the firing mechanism and cause the gun to malfunction. Most Nerf guns are designed to be used with foam darts or other foam projectiles, and dry firing them may cause the dart plunger.

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