Top 10 Nerf Gun Target Ideas – Nerf Games to Play at Home

Exciting news for all the Nerf gun fans, we are providing you simple nerf gun target ideas for yourself and for your kids. If you are throwing a nerf party or a nerf war game, we have created a list of detailed DIY nerf target designs that you can easily make at home without any special tool.

We devised innovative ideas to create free, challenging targets for nerf gun enthusiasts. To improve your aim, you need real objects as your target, which could be anything. Put nerf war accessories like Nerf tactical vest, goggles, and bullet belt to feel the nerf war.

Nerf Targets

Always use the net behind your target so that nerf darts and bullets are not lost, and you can collect them quickly after the game. There are so many materials from the house which you can use to make Nerf blaster target.

List of Nerf Gun Target Ideas

Only few guns come with target, either you have to buy it or you can make your own at home. This is the basic nerf accessory, you can play with nerf guns by yourself if you have targets. Nerf DIY targets are easy to make without any special assistance from anyone.

Nerf Target Ideas
Nerf Targets Ideas

You can engage your kids, it is also a fun activity and it will make them excited. Kids are so creative now a days, they can find a lot of nerf targets by themselves.

1- Tissue Rolls and Party Cups

Tissue rolls are an essential part of every house. You can try a new or used tissue roll as your target when you shoot a nerf dart or softball. Place rolls at different places in a room or outdoor and start shooting nerf bullets. For a better experience, you can put the target sign on rolls.

Using disposable party cups as a target is another option as these cups are easily available in every home. These cups are the best alternative to any Nerf shotgun target idea if you are planning a nerf gun party.

You can also use small paintballs as ammo. Finally, if you want to extend the idea further, you can use ping pong balls on the cups or the tissue rolls and try to hit them with a blaster gun.

2- Paper Plates

Setting simple paper plates as your aim will give you a natural feeling of hitting the target. Draw target signs on plates and stick them on walls with glue or tape at different locations. Hit the target plates and earn some points.

You can make the nerf game harder by using small plates as a target. Perfect for both darts and nerf balls.

Put alphabets or numbers on target plates to make it more challenging. Challenge your friends to hit specific numbers and earn points.

3- Tin Cans or Water Bottles

Put empty soda cans or water bottles on shelves of the room or the table and hit them with nerf bullets. The sound produced when you successfully hit the target will give you a fantastic feeling of victory. In addition, the noise of collision is pleasing.

4- Balloons

There must be a lot of balloons if you are throwing a birthday party. The plan is to hang balloons from the ceiling or stick them on walls and aim with your automatic nerf blaster gun. Try to hit maximum balloons to win the battle.

Use balloons of different colors and sizes and try to blast them with your bullets. The more balloons you destroy, the more you will get. Also, you can draw chicken or turkey and get the feel of hunting.

5- Ice Cream Sticks – A Challenging Target

Fit the ice cream sticks on a foamy sheet and make a stick bomb. I am sure this will be an innovative idea for your war game. Try to break the stick with hard shooting. These sticks are the cheapest items to make a difficult target.

6- Cardboard Spinning Nerf Target

This target goal is one of the famous ones. Cut cardboard in your desired target shape, stick it on the wall or hang it with threads. Your nerf target is ready as your goal. You can also use this board as a spinning target.

For this purpose, cut a board in a round shape and insert a steel wire through it so that when a ball or nerf bullet hits, it will spin.

7- Board with Multiple Holes

Take a considerable size of the board and put holes of different sizes. Now try to pass the nerf dart and Nerf rounds through these holes. Passing through smaller holes will result in getting more points. This is a tough game and you have to be a pro player for this nerf game.

8- Old Mirror

If you have a spare mirror in your basement or garage, you can use it as your practice target. Draw aim with a marker and use softballs as bullets so the mirror will not damage. You can also use soft nerf darts that will stick to the mirror, you can easily note down the points.

9- Hitting Dummy Soldiers

Use a big size empty packing box and add different levels of shelves. Put dummy soldiers and toys on each shelf and try to knock them down.

This is a kind of traditional game and still played in fun fairs and other small gaming events. Every time you shoot a soldier, you get a small prize. The prize vary from target to target.

10- Map Wall Target

Turn your nerf war game into an educational activity for your kids. Stick a big size world map on the wall and challenge your kids to hit certain countries or cities. In this way, they can play and learn at the same time.

Aiming and hitting the right target is the only thing you need to focus on. Just be patient and practice as much as you can and you will become a pro player using DIY Nerf gun target.

11 – Shooting Stress Balls

Stress balls or gel balls are also very common toys. You can squeeze balls are release stress and also you can shoot them with your nerf blasters. The more small balls, the greater will be to shoot them.


You can make ton of Nerf target games at home without any help from the experts. Your kids will be more happy if you engage them in building and making of few targets for themselves

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