How to Make Spinning Nerf Targets – DIY Project

Your kids must be Nerf gun fans, that’s why you came here looking for Spinning Nerf Targets ideas. One simple method involves using a dowel rod, cardboard, polka sticks, markers, straws, scissors, duct tape, and a few coins.

Spinning targets are equally loved by kids, beginner players as well as pro nerf war players. You cannot always hit each other while playing with Nerf blaster guns.

Imagine you are alone and want to play with your favorite Nerf gun. We came up with a solution for creating a Nerf target easily at home without any fancy items.

Shooting different targets is a great nerf game for practice. No need to worry about targets, you can hit many things in your room and outdoors, starting from cups, empty cans, water bottles and many other material based objects. Remember do not shoot animals, as hitting nerf darts may hurt them.

No fancy things are needed, actually, all the household materials will be used. You can use fancy items to make your nerf target more appealing and attractive.

Make a Nerf Target
Spinning Nerf Targets

No need to go to nerf arena when you can pay at home. No doubt gaming arenas have many games and activities and they inspire you to play, but at least you can play some games at home.

Make Nerf Spinning Target with Cardboard

Things You Need

  • Cardboard Box
  • Spray paint (Optional)
  • Straw
  • Long stick or chopstick
  • Tape
  • Cutter or Knife

Step 1:

Take a box or cardboard and draw circles with a marker or pen at different places depending upon the size of your board or box. The circle must not be bigger than the size of the chopstick which you are going to use later.

The preferred way is to use a container box so that your Nerf balls or darts won’t lose. You can easily collect your darts after finishing the game.

Step 2:

Put holes at points where you drew circles with scissors, knife, or cutter. Apply spray paint on the front side of the box and coat with a camouflage pattern to feel the actual essence of battle.

Step 3:

Take the cut-out circles and make them a little smaller so that they can spin through the hole when you hit it with Nerf dart.

Step 4: 

Take a small piece of straw and attach it to the center of the cardboard round piece with tape and insert the wooden stick (chopstick) through the straw. Try to spin it with your hand to check whether it is spinning perfectly or not. Make sure the cardboard must spin smoothly when an object hits it.

Step 5:

Attach the rotating cardboard piece with tape and put it exactly on the hole of the backside of your container box. So that the straw and wooden stick cannot be seen from the front side, it will also make your target neat and clean.

Hurray, your Nerf DIY target is ready to shoot and play. Now you can hit the target as much as you want. You can also count scores to make the game more challenging and engaging.

Make a Spinning Nerf Target with Stands

Things you need:

  • 2 PVC pipes or wooden stands
  • 1 thin rod
  • Cardboard
  • Straw
  • Tape

Step 1:

Another way to make a target for Nerf shooting is, to take two wooden stands or simply fix two sticks on the floor. Don’t worry if you don’t have pipes or a stand, you can simply place a rod between two chairs or anything.

Step 2:

Cut the cardboard into round shapes, which can be in different sizes to add more challenges to the game. Additionally, draw the target signs on the cardboard pieces to add more functionality.

Step 3:

Take a straw and cut it into small pieces and stick it on the backside of each round shape cardboard with tape.

Step 4:

Pass the thin rod through all the straws attached with cardboard. Make sure the round cards can spin easily.

Step 5:

Place the thin rod on wooden stands or between chairs in a horizontal position.


Spinning targets are anything that are rotating or spinning like plate, cup, straw or it could be anything that got hit using nerf guns and blasters. When you hit a target with nerf darts, you win a point and the game goes on.

There are tons of target ideas for your toy guns. Actually anything that is not fragile could be your target. Here is the list of Top Nerf target ideas for you.

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