How to Store Gel Balls?

Gel balls are colorful water beads that grow when soaked in water. They create fun for kids and work as ammo for gel blasters guns. They are completely safe and do not cause any harm for them. You need to store gel balls at proper place so that you can play with them later.

Most people decorate their plants pot and want to store them in the right place. Water beads are an easy way to hydrate your plants. They will help you adjust the water in your plant’s pot if you store them properly.

Gel balls are an excellent activity for anyone looking to get active and relieve boredom. You can also make Soft Stress balls with jelly beads that helps to reduce anxiety and depression during work. Pressing the stress balls will make you feel good and relaxed.

Store Orbeez Balls

When it comes to gel ball storage, people will also have questions regarding it. How long can they be stored in their original box? What are the best containers for storing water beads? Is there any other kind of container available?

The answers to these questions help you understand how to store gel balls and what container is best suited for your needs.

This article will provide important tips on growing and storing gel balls efficiently so they last longer than they should. Gel balls can also melt when you place them in high temperature. Keep reading this to find more information.

Why is it important to store gel balls in the right place?

Gel balls are really fun and work great for gel blasters as ammo. Children enjoy playing with them, especially in summer. They are also a great way to help you get more out of your blasters, as they can be used with almost any kind of Orbeez guns.

But if you’re not careful about storing them, they can easily end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Here’s some information on why it’s important to store gel balls properly:

  • Gel balls should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and heat sources.
  • Gel balls absorb moisture from the air and will start growing again after being kept in an environment with high humidity levels for too long.
  • Gel balls should never be left uncovered or exposed to excessive heat.

The most important thing is that if you do not store them properly, it will become difficult to shoot them from gel ball blasters. They will stuck in gun barrel, and it will cause lots of frustration during competitive playing.

Ways to Store Gel Balls

Airtight Container

Any large plastic packaging, lidded storage container, or bucket will do the balls storage work. Put your leftover gel balls in this container and fill them with distilled water to the top of the balls.

Your gel balls won’t absorb the moisture chemicals (which could be found in tap water) if you use distilled water, which will prevent this from happening and change the consistency of your gel balls.

Before adding your gel balls, ensure that your container is clean. Impurities may also impact your gel balls’ structural integrity.

Cool and Dry Place

Your gel balls can be kept inside or out of the refrigerator. The best approach to keep your gel balls’ proper consistency is to store them in the refrigerator. But if the fridge is full, look for a cold, dry area of your home, such as the garage.

Orbeez balls must be kept away from heat generators and direct sunshine since too much heat might alter their consistency. Transfer your gel ball container to a location where the balls won’t freeze during the winter.

Effects of Environmental Conditions on Orbeez Gel Balls

If the gel balls are not stored safely, they become untidy and quickly degrade. They evaporate faster as a result of the influence of the outside environment. The nature of the material utilized in manufacturing the gel balls makes them extremely sensitive to changes in their surroundings.

They may degrade due to the direct sunshine and freezing weather in the winter, but as a result, they will effectively carry out their intended job.

Nature of Container for Storing

Plastic materials such as Rubbermaid, Ziploc, and Glad are use to store gel balls. However, it depends upon your budget to store them. The usefulness and durability of gel balls may be impacted if contamination comes from outside sources, so it is important to ensure none.

Gel balls are delicate, and once they degenerate, they can never be as firm as before. Therefore, to achieve effective results, the gel balls must only be stored in the manner suggested by the manufacturer.

Best Way to Grow Gel Balls

It looks really interesting to see the gel balls growing in water. These are tiny beads, and when you soak them in water, they will become bright, colorful balls that children can use to shoot with their gel blasters. They are non-toxic and can be biodegradable.

These balls grow well in cold water, or you can use warm water if you want them to grow faster. But do not use hot water as it may make them brittle and will crush water beads. Buy them and gather your friends to enjoy with gel blasters.


Most beads come in resealable containers, which makes storage options pretty straightforward. All you need to do is store them at room temperature and not in an environment that gets too hot or cold.

Use the airtight container, and that will help to stay longer. Don’t store the beads in a closet where the heat vent is located. This may cause them to develop mold or completely dissolve into the air over time.


No, it is not ideal for freezing gel balls. If you freeze them, they will become brittle; upon bouncing, they can even break down. Most people try to freeze them for later use, but experts do not recommend them.

Yes, you can over-soak the gel balls. However, it’s not recommended. Oversoaking can cause the ball to break or crack. The ball has a chemical that helps it react to water and return to its original shape.

Oversoaking can cause the chemical to lose its ability to react with water and form a new shape. You should always ensure that your gel balls are completely dry before storing them in the container so they don’t get too cold or too hot and crack open.

No, it would help if you did not freeze orbeez, as this will cause them to break. People think that when they freeze them, they become hard and bounce well. When you shoot them with your gel blasters, they will fall and split into pieces.

Store them in closed and environmentally friendly places. When you need it again, soak them in water and get them back to their original shape. Get fun with them!

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