Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 Review

Rival Kronos is one of the most popular nerf pistols in the rival series of nerf guns. A sidearm pistol every Nerfer needs. It’s the perfect option for both kids and adults, thanks to its wide range of colors and designs.

The Kronos blaster has a capacity of 5 rounds, a trigger button, and a high rate of fire is almost 90FPS. It can also be upgraded with a rapid-fire attachment to increase its firing rate even more.

Although small, it is a highly appealing blaster due to its eye-catching features and design. This nerf pistol is more accurate at targeting opponents from far away. A perfect sidearm to win your nerf war game.

NERF Rival Kronos Pistols

This article is based on its complete review regarding its design, ammo capacity, gun loading, firing speed and mechanism, which helps you to understand why you should choose this blaster. Modification allows you to make your pistol more accurate and powerful.

Unpack and Start Playing, the following items are inside the package:

  • The Kronos XVIII-500
  • Five bullets for rivals
  • Red and blue team flags
  • The guidebook

Features of Nerf Rival Pistol

It is a blaster that has come with tactical rails, but it has no barrel attachments. The loading door and a set of iron sights may also be found next to the tactical rail. Once you have unpacked and checked all the parts, then it is time to start playing with it.

NERF Rival Kronos XVIII-500


Product Dimensions 2.36 x 12.28 x 7.44 inches
Item Weight1.03 pounds
MaterialPlastic, foam
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars


  • Perfect sidearm nerf pistol
  • Safety lock
  • Shoot 90 fps
  • Accurate


  • 5 rounds capacity, which is low


This is one of the most ergonomic blasters on the market. It has a very comfortable handle, which is easy to hold and maneuver. The handle has a good grip and gives you complete control over the blaster and also best for both right and left handed nerf players.

It’s designed not to hinder your ability to aim at targets. Conquer the battlefield with Nerf rival blasters. For instance, the priming slide at the blaster’s top has a good extruded angle that makes it simple to rack a round without slipping your hand.

Safety Lock

The Kronos has a safety lock on the right-hand side just above the trigger, which prevents accidental firing.

Loading Mechanism

The rival nerf pistol can hold five rounds in its internal, spring-loaded magazine. There are a few actions necessary for a reload. No batteries are needed as it is a simple pistol and act as a sidearm, your main nerf weapon can be any automatic nerf gun.

To begin, open the blaster by locating the orange door on top and flipping it open. Slide back the top of the blaster, put 5 rival rounds in it. After loading, slide it forward to its original position, and you’ll be ready to fire.

Nerf Koronos Darts Loading

Firing Mechanism

It is not a battery powered blaster but has a spring action for firing. The only firing mode is a single shot; however, the priming handle’s effortless sliding motion makes it a breeze to load the blaster and fire a single shot.

Kronos Firing

Shooting Range

Even though it has a higher firing rate than the N-Strike series, it can shoot darts at a distance of 90 feet, which is very impressive for a pistol.

Although the effective range of the competing ammunition is greater because of its increased precision, hitting a human at 10 meters with an N-Strike blaster is fairly hit or miss, but these are far more accurate.


As is usually the case, the accuracy of rival rounds exceeds that of N-Strike ammunition. The iron sights and lack of stock are telltale signs that this is a handgun.

When using a spring-powered blaster, one of the drawbacks is that you have to adjust your aim downward every time you prime the weapon. Thus the rate of firing action decreases.

Ultimately, the accuracy is about as excellent as you can hope from a spring-powered handgun. Still, your Nemesis-wielding adversary won’t be bothered by it.


The breech load Rival Kronos comes in white, Red, Green, Teal and Blue colors. It has special editions like Deadpool and Phantom Corps.


This blaster is versatile, and one of the most accurate sidearm pistol in the toy guns. Usually nerf pistols are meant for low range and are specifically designed for kids.

You can use Nerf Rival Nemesis or Prometheus as your main blaster, beside kronos as a sidearm. Always have a secondary nerf pistol, when you act as a sniper in nerf war.

It is a great blaster for beginners and experienced players alike. It’s easy to use, has many features, and is made from quality materials. The gun can handle indoor nerf arena and outdoor play, making it suitable for any occasion.

The name inspired from Greek word. It has a distinct design and effective loading and firing mechanism with a perfect range that makes it more effective. It is more worth buying and most enjoyable to play with.


The diameter of Nerf Rival rounds is almost 20mm. This is an average size which is mostly according to the blaster.

No, the Rival automatic nerf gun does not shoot table tennis balls because they are too big. It shoots soft balls like other blasters but has only 5 round capacity. Ping pong guns are separate toy, which shoots a little big balls.

The answer is no, as it is a spring blaster with a trigger button, so it does not have slam fire. There is always the chance that the blaster will jam, making the trigger impossible to pull and the priming mechanism useless.

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